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Sensing that the time had come

The orcs became increasingly aggressive under the secret control of Gul’dan and his Shadow Council. They constructed massive arenas where the orcs honed their warrior skills in trials of combat and death. During this period, a few clan chieftains spoke out against the growing depravity in their race. One such chieftain, Durotan of the Frostwolf clan, warned against the orcs’ losing themselves to hate and fury. His words fell on deaf ears, however, as stronger chieftains such as Grom Hellscream of the Warsong clan stepped forward to champion the new age of warfare and dominance. Kil’jaeden knew that the orc clans were almost ready, but he needed to be certain of their ultimate loyalty.

In secret, he had the Shadow Council summon Mannoroth the Destructor, the living vessel of destruction and rage. Gul’dan called the clan chieftains together and convinced them that drinking Mannoroth’s raging blood would make them utterly invincible. Led by Grom Hellscream, all the clan chiefs except Durotan drank and thereby sealed their fates as slaves to the Burning Legion. Empowered by Mannoroth’s rage, the chieftains unwittingly extended this subjugation to their unsuspecting brethren. Consumed with the curse of this new bloodlust, the orcs sought to unleash their fury on any who stood before them. Sensing that the time had come, Gul’dan united the warring clans into a single unstoppable Horde.

However, knowing that the various chieftains like Hellscream and Orgrim Doomhammer would vie for overall supremacy, Gul’dan set up a puppet warchief to rule over this new Horde. Blackhand the Destroyer, a particularly depraved and vicious orc warlord, was chosen to be Gul’dan’s puppet. Under Blackhand’s command, the Horde set out to test itself against the simple draenei. It was stressed that the majority of mankind could never know about the Guardians or the threat of the Legion for fear that they would riot in fear and paranoia. The elves agreed to the proposal and founded a secret society that would watch over the selection of the Guardian and help to stem the rise of chaos in the world.

pdated with a pair of posts detailing some

Alright, so let’s recap. Defensive skills are taking a hit in 1.0.5, but incoming damage from monsters is also being reduced. Taken together, the changes mean Inferno is going to be easier. For some of you this is totally cool; you welcome an easier Inferno because it’s about efficiency and not difficulty. For others, you may be skeptical but you’re at least intrigued at the possibility that you’ll be able to drop some defensive skills and discover some new builds. However, for others, Inferno is currently already too easy. Maybe you don’t use any defensive skills; maybe your gear is so good you dropped War Cry – Impunity weeks ago. For this last group you may be wondering “Another Inferno nerf? But I crave more of a challenge, not less!”

Rest assured those who seek additional challenges. They will be incoming in v1.0.5 and will be detailed at a later date.

Read the full blog post on the Diablo III site.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic blog has been updated with a pair of posts detailing some significant incoming changes. First up is the shadow optimization coming in patch v1.4. Secondly, the team is preparing to further consolidate and stabilize high-population servers by transferring characters. As a result players may find their characters on a different server.

The shadow optimization will smooth out in-game shadows when the next large patch goes into effect. It’s a great read for those who like to know and understand the behind the scenes details.

The new system provides full dynamic shadows. Simply stated, all characters, trees, and moving objects cast shadows onto the game world in Game Update 1.4. The previous system only generated dynamic shadows for characters. Moving through heavily treed planets such as Tython, the player will now see the subtle moving shadows cast by the leaves and trees.

Patch 51 hotfixes for Dec 10

My first go at the new patch

Last Monday Jay Wilson randomly announced via Twitter that they had doubled the monster damage for levels 1-13. This kindled a lot of positive feedback in the community as the most common complaint from beta testers seems to be how easy the game is. This notion forced Blizzard into making  promise players that in the later difficulties they will die,

The swift deployment of beta patch 14 caught us all by surprise as I expected to try these changes out around mid to late March at the earliest, not 3 days after the tweet. Not that I’m complaining, I was really looking forward to seeing how the difficulty has evolved with the sweeping buffs to all of the monsters in the beta.

My first go at the new patch was with a fresh Barbarian. Both the Monk and Barbarian received a passive 30% incoming damage reduction from all sources with this patch, which makes a lot of sense given that they will find themselves in harms way more often than the ranged classes. Blizzard has dabbled in trying to implement game mechanics that are more dangerous for ranged attackers (such as the Mortar modifier) which ultimately didn’t have the desired impact in practice, so this seems like an effective compromise. Although some may argue that 30% is overpowered, it’s likely an arbitrary number that will be adjusted as needed for balance if melee survivability ends up much higher than ranged.

Once I got past the introductory camp phase and onto Old Tristram Road, it was clear that Jay’s tweet and the patch notes weren’t just hot air. This beta test that I could previously play by resting my head on one side of my keyboard and rolling my face to the other and back was actually demanding my attention. The trivial AI found in normal kept the mobs from attacking in any sort of coherant or threatening manner, but thedamagoutput is clearly more dangeroe, even with my seasoned StarCraft 2 APM paying dividends in a swift and efficient striking of the Q key to consume a potion. Countless hardcore characters will weep and perish in similar unpredictable situations that different boss modifiers will throw them into, especially in later difficulties where rare packs can roll more than 1 modifier.How do you pick a class for PvP

A number of items created by using

The Entertainment Software Association has announced that the annual E3 convention will remain in Los Angeles through 2015. Earlier this year, it was rumored that E3 would be changing locations.

“The City of Los Angeles is thrilled to welcome E3 back for another three years,” said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “My office was committed to doing whatever it took to keep the largest annual conference that the City hosts here for another three years. I personally joined in the negotiations, and we worked with all parties to ensure the needs of E3 would be met. The City is grateful the Entertainment Software Association continues to view LA, the entertainment capital of the world, as the ideal location for the world’s premiere video game convention.”

The Guild Wars 2 forum has been updated with patch notes from the latest game update. Included in the update are fixes to several quests, WvW changes and class-specific updates.

The Mistfire Wolf skill will now properly unlock for existing characters on an account after upgrading to Digital Deluxe.
Fixed blocked events and skill challenges.
Fixed bugs that allowed players to go around map edges.
A number of items created by using Mystic Coins are now correctly set to level 80.

Fixed a blocking bug in story chapter “Brute Force.”
Fixed a blocking bug in story chapter “Research and Destroy.”
Fixed bugs in story chapters “Forging the Pact,” “Battle of Fort Trinity,” “The Ghost Rite,” “On Red Alert,” and “Tower Down.”

Random event is an action random occur for all the players in game. For example: an automatic player, suddenly appeared beside you and takes you to another place, to ask you to complete the assigned task, and then will take you to return to the original location. The NPC will give you some RuneScape gold, too once you complete the task. There are also some defunct random events is there will be a monster higher fighting level than you suddenly appear and attack you, you can choose to leave at once, or killing it. Usually the random task is very short and easy to accomplish. The benefits of random event is stop the players who farming RuneScape gold. Jagex refresh the random events of the system on March 27, 2008, because it was discovered that more and more players to use a plug-in automatic operation;

The recovery fog lasted for 5 rounds

1. Control skills can’t trigger point network, and sharp net’s trigger damage can be dodged.
2. pepole don’t often go to a snowman brushing point at the southwest wall of shadow temple. The coordinate is 30 56.
3. Deep freeze can ignore the small animals’ frozen.
4. Lift-off can beat lift-off, burrow can beat diving drill, diving also can beat to diving drill. The difference is the height.
5. Venom spume initial damage is beast, but the continue hurt is elements. Only seeing skills increase or decrease statement and little green arrow, it is too bad beating on little animals’ bodies.
6. your standing location depends on whether you can enter into wild battle, not relates to green claw’s location.
7. Pet’s renaming accomplishes the communication across the camps.
8. Mr Than lattice voss has animation. The picture is DK’s talent cold winter.
9. spring rabbit doesn’t have animaton, but his head portrait is cuter than other rabbits and the color can’t be changed. The speed is very excellent and also can’t be sold.
10. Starting the advantages of “life value lower” refers to have lower life than opposite sides. The decision time is the first time after the hit damage.

11. Continuous damage also triggers point network damage, but lightning additional damage isn’t triggered.
12. even you are immobilized, you also can pretend to death and exchange pet.
13. The recovery fog lasted for 5 rounds befirem but it was only skill and wasn’t actual effect.
14. Don’t think that rocket chicken scream (25%) + special armor (+ 50%) can achieve 75% free of injury. In fact it is 62.5%. Also because of only 325 not only high speed and special armor have CD, he is better than the rabbit brittle, rocket chicken death or suicide, is obviously mechanical but burst into a pile of feathers, non-combat time suicide not found card seller described “rocket chicken died of suicide” combat record.

15. The food strike also beats the undead BUFF CanXie pet (though living in flight before the speed of pet no presence) but can kill magic passive pet (unless the hundreds of thousands of blood)
16. doing daily task, don’t forget those trainers who also give more experience than wild. If you are pass by, also can’t take the low level pet.
17.thin snowman can brush at the enterance of dave and well, but also inside of the cave.

Zhao et al the Zhou to the river

The newspaper news (reporter Pei Xiaolan) Zhao three people charged in order to help people cable wages, the foreman to forcibly remove around to raise the money, and will promote the well the threat.Reporter was informed yesterday, three men accused of the crime of illegal detention has been public prosecution to the court of Shunyi.
Zhao, three people are workers, often to help some foreman for migrant workers.In July 15th of last year, they are responsible for finding people to Zhou engineering contracting work.
Early in July 16th, Zhao to find Zhou, the evening to the workmen clearing two day’s wages, Zhou said at the time agreed, but at night it says no money settle accounts, Zhao, three people took a few workers, driving force with Zhou everywhere to borrow money, until the next morning there is no to solve the problem.
the prosecution accused, last July 17th at noon, Zhao et al the Zhou to the river, threatening to be bundled into the river, and Zhou takes 10000 yuan as compensation.They then will promote a well Zhou squat, forcing the other writing down iou.
During the week, on many occasions to call a friend to borrow money, until 6 pm that evening, Zhou said to a friend to borrow money.After the week a friend aware of wrong alarm, the police then in terms of Zhao will arrest the three people such as.
that the prosecution, Zhao, the three people such as repayment of the debt illegal detention of a person, shall be unlawful detention crime investigate their criminal responsibility.To share: welcome

From ignorant came to the game to have real feeing of the game, i think wow is not only a internet game. It contains life philosophy and intension, which can’t get from other game for earning money. In wow, people should help each other. They need to know kindness and 

There are two ways to speed up in banking

At present, i can’t find that feeling back. G group is blocking the way. There is no guild group position. Died mines, prison, ZUL and crush. Then G buys equipment. We become workers from bosses. We work for other fast food shops. A lot of fast knights are insulting this career. When independent camp kills little number, you rid on your golden horse and step over their died bodies, neglected their shuts in general channel. You don’t care of their feeling.

Here I want to talk about the Slayer experience in the game Runescape , and hope that can help you to get more RS gold in this game .First of you ,you should reach Your Full Potential: With the right playing style, you can reach 25k or even 30k slayer experience in an hour without getting those crazy stats. It all has to do with minimizing the time you spend not attacking.

Secondly, you need to grasp the opportunity to pick up drops. There is a way you can pick up drops without interrupting the combat, which can allow you always stay in combat. After you kill a monster, you should attack another. Right after, you should run a few steps away and attack them again. Repeat that until you reach the drop you want to pick up. Once you hit the monster, please pick up the drops and attack the monster again. If you have done it correctly, you should continue to fight in the last time.

Thirdly, you should know how to get a new task, the best way to get a new task is to use a ferocious ring to teleport Kuradal. If you cannot do it, you should use the NPC contact and use your best option. Both these methods can help you to save your time for RS gold, and it’s your choice which one to use. I find I have an excess of ferocious rings at that time, so I choose to use the ferocious ring method. Right after receiving your next task, you should pick up any drops and teleport your house. Take the portal or item which can bring you close to your new task and then run to the monster’s location.

Last but not least, you should know to how to minimize time spent on banking. There are two ways to speed up in banking, one is very impractical and the other requires a lot of organization. Both of them involve the deposit and all function. If you have any potential slayer drop in your bank and you are confident to pick a few items which worth much RS gold to keep in your inventory, you can deposit all the drops without affecting your teleports and pots. To do this, you need a full bank that does not have any of the items you wish to keep in your inventory. This method is impractical however, at max it can speeds up slayer by 1%. The other method involved to make the deposit and quickly withdraw it when you need. Anyway, simply organizing your slayer items will help you save many hours in the gameAround Azeroth What I did on my winter vacation SUNDAY

The WoW Factor : The Power of FlightThe WoW Factor : The Power of Flight



In this Week’s WoW Factor, Reza Lackey explores the good and bad things that come along with Flying in Azeroth. Read on for a good history lesson, and a trip down memory lane.
One of the most compelling aspects of MMOs is the exploration and sense of discovery as you adventure through the world. With the recent announcement of no flying mounts in the new 5.2 zones, the debate of flying mounts and their use has reheated. While flying mounts offer tremendous convenience, I would argue that they also detract from the overall fun and experience of adventuring – perhaps giving a player too much power when exploring new content.
Read the rest of Reza’s The WoW Factor: The Power of Flight.
World of Warcraft : Why Blizzard Won’t Do Full Open-Tagging
In an interview over at GameSpy, Blizzard’s lead content designer Ion Hazzikostas explains why Blizzard hasn’t adopted the full open-tagging feature for World of Warcraft.
Open tagging, which has been popularized by high-profile MMOs such as RIFT and Guild Wars 2, refers to the ability to earn kill credit and experience simply for doing X% of damage to an enemy, regardless of whether or not you first tagged it. In World of Warcraft, the first player to tag an enemy gets full experience and credit, though Blizzard has made some exceptions recently for named quest targets and world bosses (tagged by your own faction).
“Part of the concern with open, free-for-all, open-tapping is that a lot of the game becomes more about tapping everything and tagging everything a little bit, especially when other players have already tapped them” he said. “Thirty seconds later, your quest completes because the other people killed them all. That’s not an ideal way to feel like you’re engaging in combat.”
Find out more about World of Warcraft.

To be powerful in game with WOW Gold

Capital cities and areas with regularly high populations will not be set as cross-server areas/zones so you will not be able to enter into the same instance of a city as someone who is from a different realm. Trading restrictions are in place much the same as they are in cross-realm dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds. Group looting will function the same as it would with any group you would create through normal play. You’ll be able to interact with players from within a select pool of realms which will make it possible to run into a player in Red ridge that you already ran into within Westfall. This can vary from realm to realm and relies on how densely populated (or under populated) an area is. Capital cities and areas with regularly high populations will not be eligible for area sharing.

Resources and nodes will be available to all parties within the shared area the same as always. We will be keeping a close eye on the impact of area sharing and should an area become too populated, we are capable of adjusting how many realms are able to connect to a shared area. When any player access an Auction House, they will be only able to access their home realm’s Auction House. With this technology, we can also flag zones to allow for more than one copy of that zone per realm. Players on that realm will be split among those copies in order to alleviate problems due to overpopulation. Players won’t normally see or interact with those on a different instance of their zone, although joining a party will relocate all party members to a single instance of that zone.

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The curse has returned with renewed fervor

Not long ago the curse’s spread was stifled, but the victory proved short-lived. Now, at a time when Gilneas is still recovering from a civil war, the curse has returned with renewed fervor. To compound the worgen threat, the Forsaken are battering at the nation’s gates in a bid to conquer Gilneas. Unbeknownst to many of the kingdom’s citizens, a war between beast and man is also raging within the worgen themselves. Whether or not balance can be restored to these cursed Gilneans before the entirety of Genn’s kingdom loses its humanity is uncertain.HomeCityand Start Location: Gilneas CityFor many years, the nation of Gilneas existed in isolation behind the colossal Greymane Wall.

Free from outside influence, the kingdom relied on the indomitable spirit and tenacity of its citizens to make its own destiny in the world. Of late, however, a series of events has shaken Gilneas to its core. While the nation struggles to recover from a past civil war, a devastating worgen curse has spread throughout Gilneas, turning some of its inhabitants into ferocious beasts. Recently these savage worgen have launched a surprise assault against the kingdom’s fortified capital,GilneasCity.

Racial Mount: Running Wild Due to their ties with the wilds, worgen is able to call upon their bestial fervor to travel great distances. With the aid of all four limbs, a worgen can sprint at speeds rivaling the swiftest horses, nightsabers, and mechanostriders. As though it satisfies some primal urge deep within, worgen relish this mode of travel over those used by Azeroth’s other races, who rely on mounts to transport them. Leader: King Genn GreymaneTime and again, King Genn Greymane has been forced to make difficult decisions to sustain Gilneas’s well-being and autonomy. You need enough wow gold to buy good items to beat your enemies, then come to our website to buy your desired World of Warcraft gold, we deliver wow gold fast and cheap.