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The New Monsters on the Shiver Peak in Guild

It was the north Shiver peak, the entrance of the Borlis Pass, the prince and the king finally got a result. The king promised us that they would protect the refugees to get through the Borlis Pass safely, but they could only stop some dwarves, we should deal with the other dwarves.
The route was the valley; the scout found that the valley was easy to break out. Before we set out, the kind iron smith made special equipment to deal with the dwarves of the Stone Summit for us, of course, we changed the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold for these.
Each place had a strong race of monsters, the Ascalon had the charr, and the north Shiver peak had the dwarves. So each place had some special equipment.
We got into the instance of the task with the new equipment, after we walked out of the gate, we saw a stupid human guard, he took a firebrand, and as if he wanted something, maybe it was the Guild Wars 2 gold, and his name was Hayden.
I made a joke with him.
“You are person of Qaysan, what are you doing?” Samaria began to be angry again.
“Hello, I am Hayden; I am a guard of Ascalon, the prince called me to illumine the beacon tower.”
Yes, there was a strange circular platform behind him, it was the beacon tower.
“There are seven beacon towers, some of them are held by the monsters, and the monsters have much Guild Wars 2 gold, you must kill the monsters first, and then you could light beacon, when the refugees see the beacon, they know this road is safe, so they could pass.” Hayden explained.
“Well, I see.” I said.
The monsters who held the beacons were not the dwarves of the Stone Summit, they were some centaurs.
When I was in the Valley of Ruler, I fought with the centaurs; it was easy to deal with them, so I felt it was not difficult to light the beacon tower.
It was the Winter Genius, if there was the Winter Genius; the fire elementalist could not use the skill well, so after we went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, we should kill the Winter Genius first.
There was a protector in the group of the enemies.
After a while, we knew the protector was a healer, the Winter Genius died, and the next goal was the healer.
Suddenly the ground began to shake, a moving plant came out under the feet of the centaurs, and it liked the aloe.
It was the Tree Bark of Pine, its type was plant, and its profession was monk, it seemed that we came across some trouble.
It would be better if the skill only added blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, but there was a negative skill on Adele, so Adele could not use his skill.
“Human beings, come to accept the punishment of peace!” The soldier of the centaurs shouted, because we lost a person.
The centaurs were really ugly, though their upper bodies were human being, but the horse ears and long horse mouth were ugly.
This soldier of the centaurs rushed into our team to hit us. And we lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
“You are monsters, you should know your smallness.” The soldier of the centaurs was more and more complacent. We hit him together, but it was strange that he did not lose any blood, and he got the addition without stopping, we did not see anyone help him.

Explode the Gate in Guild Wars 2

There was no elite dwarf, and there were only a few cavalries with some cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. After we killed some dwarves, we saw the giant trebuchet.
“Go to die, stupid human beings, I will kill you!” The engineer said, but he did not find that his teammates were killed by us.
“Where is the fire from?” The engineer of the dwarves turned back, and then he saw us, he said amazedly: “It is impossible, how did you get here? Where is my guard?”
“They went to see Grenth; do you want to go with them?” Before he spoke, we killed him together.
We moved on, there was a closed door in the front of us; we could not pass with our skill and Guild Wars 2 gold.
“There is no road.” Polly said despondently.
“The road is found by people, we should look over carefully, and there might be a blind pass.” Mahon said.
“We don’t need to find it, let me burn the door.” Samaria said, and she got ready, but we did not know whether her skill was useful.
Suddenly I remembered the words of Torres, we needed the dynamite.
We saw many yellow casks in an old house.
I thought they should be the dynamite of the dwarves.
“How could we use it? I don’t see the fuse, and we don’t have the ignescent tool, shall we buy the tool with Guild Wars 2 gold?” Polly asked.
“We don’t need the fuse, put the dynamite on the door, and I will explode it with my fire.” Samaria said.
“No, I know the dynamite of the dwarves. After it is shocked, there will be certain reaction in it, and it will explode after a while.” Mahon knew many things, “A person should hold the cask of dynamite to the door, and he should drop it on the ground, and then he must leave quickly, the dynamite will explode soon.”
The process was too complicated. The person should be me.
I took the task of dynamite to the gate carefully. After I dropped it, all of us ran quickly.
After a while, we heard the huge sound, nearly the whole mountain began to shake.
“The human beings come!” The dwarves of the Stone Summit ran quickly after they saw us, they even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
On the other side of the snow mountain, the ice empress was with Dagmar together.

Guild Wars 2: The Bad Situation to Us

“Adele, we meet again!” It was Adele’s younger brother again, I thought Adele changed her skills; maybe her brother did not change.
“Yes, but I won’t go easy on you this time.” Adele said.
“Well, I will defeat you with my power and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” It seemed that Dakar was confident.
“Dylan, you are my enemy again.” Marina said.
I really want to defeat her now.
“I come, you’d better surrender quickly.” Latvia said, and she waved her axe.
Jacobi did not say a word, he only smiled as usual.
The battle started, we came to a deadlock, and we even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold. In the arena of Shiver peak, there were two higher slopes on the both sides, they were full of snow. There was a frozen river in the middle; it liked a huge reading glass.
It was as the same as the oil lake of Ascalon Arena, this frozen river had a special effect. If people walked on it, they would not be slowed down, but if people stopped, they could not move again. So we had to pass quickly, we could not stop.
Suddenly Dakar shot out a poisoned arrow, if we did not move, our blood would become green, and we must take measures quickly.
What should we do? Winnie chose attack; she wanted to use the Earth Stomp.
When Winnie went to the middle segment of the frozen river, she suddenly could not move, we did not think that Dakar had this elite skill, it could not be blocked. The feet of Winnie became disabled; she could not use her skills and Guild Wars 2 gold now.
The worst thing was that the cooling time of this skill was only one second, so he could use it continuously. If all of us were on the frozen river, we would be in danger.
Because Winnie could not move now, so Jacobi also attacked her.
Winnie lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold quickly; she did not know what she should do, so she rushed out.
Her movement took us to the frozen river, of course, we ran quickly, we did not stop on the frozen river, even if the enemies attacked us, we also did not care. It was lucky that Dakar did not have much combat experience; he did not use the elite skill at a crucial time, when he wanted to use it, and we were with Winnie together.
“Let’s kill them!” Latvia shouted loudly, and then she lifted her axe to fight with Winnie’s hammer.

Guild Wars 2: The Last Contest in the Arena

“Yes, it is my duty.” I smiled, “After the next contest begins, if there is monk or the Mesmer in the team of the enemies, we should kill them first, and I will use the skill of necromancer.”
“Latvia, you and Winnie have stronger attack power than me, so you should go to kill the monk first, and I will protect Dylan with my skill and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” Cable said.
“Well, we will do it like this; I believe that we will also get the ten-time-champ even if we have no monk.”
The next contest started, there were two soldiers and two freelancers in the team of the enemies, and one of the freelancers was Dakar.
There was no monk to kill, so we had to kill the known person first. All of us knew the skill of Dakar, it was boring.
It was the Lightning Reflex, Dakar was a freelancer, he had many stances of blocking, and so many soldiers felt it difficult. But Cable was not afraid, he used a skill.
This skill could destroy the stance, and it could not be blocked, but after Cable used it, he had no anger and Guild Wars 2 gold. It was lucky that there were still Winnie and Latvia.
“Why do you hit me together?” Before Dakar died, he shouted, as if he felt very winding.
The third contest, the enemies still did not have a monk, but they had a female Mesmer, though she stood behind her mates, but she was also killed by us.
We got the win one by one, and we had more and more confidence and Guild Wars 2 gold, we coordinated with each other well.
We came to the tenth contest unconsciously; it was the most important contest. The black gate opened, and then I saw Polly and Adele.
I felt surprised, were they my enemies?
“Winnie, why are you in the other team?” Polly had the same mood as me. Though this was only a contest, it was not the real battle, but it was still a little difficult to hit others.
“Yes, it is me, Polly, how many victories do you get?” Winnie asked.
“We have nine.”
“We also have the nine; the team which gets the win of this contest will get the ten-time-champ.”
“Well, let’s try our best.” Polly said proudly.
“Yes, I will, Polly, you should be careful, my hammer is powerful.” Winnie said.
The enemies had a monk, a freelancer and two soldiers; it was obvious that they had better combination than us; we did not know whether they went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold before they came into the arena.