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Do You Want To Score More Goals in FIFA 15

EA Sports made several changes in FIFA 15 to improve the beautiful game. For starters, the developers make you work to score goals more than ever before. On tougher difficulties you may have 11 shots on goal without a single point, which of course leads to frustration on your end.

Practice all day
For starters, play FIFA 15 as much as possible so you need cheap FIFA 15 Coins to practice day and day. The more you play, the more experienced you will get behind the sticks and the easier scoring will become. Over time, you’ll get used to shot speed, passing, skill moves, and honing your set pieces. There is no magic cheat that gets you a goal. You have to earn it or hope your opponent makes a huge mistake.

Lob Shot
The lob shot is a nice card to have up your sleeve for sneaking a goal in once and a while. It isn’t one of the easiest shots to pull off for many reasons. Slow speed on the ball makes it easily blocked. The ball tends to go wherever it wants, and you really need to get your aim down with this one.

2 on 1
There is nothing scarier for a keeper or more comforting for an attacker than the trusty 2 vs 1. When you are on a break and the only thing next to you is a ready and willing teammate, you are practically guaranteed the goal. Make sure you and your partner are both even and a good distance apart. Make the goalie charge after you and then pass the ball to your partner. He should have a very easy and unmissable open net. If this happens when playing with a buddy and he misses, make sure he doesn’t live it down for the rest of the night.

Come from the corner
A lot of times in the past, if you get the ball by one of the flags the first instinct is to cross it in, which isn’t a bad choice. Ideally, you should try to weave in from the corner. It might be a little more difficult to get into position than crossing it, but the goal-to-shot ratio is much better. Being on an angle to the keeper makes it much harder for him to predict what side you’re shooting to. Shooting from either the near or farther goal post increases your chance of scoring.

Rainbow Kick
After you master the other techniques, there is nothing more satisfying than scoring on a goal keeper by kicking the ball up over your own head into the back of the net. The Rainbow kick isn’t technically a kick. It is one of the many skill moves you can do with the right thumbstick.

Ronaldo can use his pace on the wing to get around defenders

Ronaldo can use his pace on the wing to get around defenders or he can cut inside and shoot from distance. Speed, stamina, superb finishing coupled with his skill moves, is a recipe for disaster for your defense. Use formations that have very fast full-backs or wing-backs or a player that is very strong to out muscle Ronaldo.


  • Jockey/contain Ronaldo when he attempts to cross the ball.
  • When chasing on the wing, try to cover the cross or him cutting in to shoot don’t try to run him down
  • Zonal marking is necessary

Position: Striker

Though a natural winger, Ronaldo is even more dangerous as a striker. He is fast, has excellent vision and can finish any of his opportunities. Your ability to disrupt the midfield passing-game is the most important factor in keeping Ronaldo off the scoresheet.


  • Use a formation with one or two center defensive midfielders
  • Due to his speed, you need to be able to anticipate through balls or chips – zonal marking
  • Ronaldo is excellent in the air so do your best to cut out the cross, if not, try to push him out the way OR call the keeper out (ONLY if you are sure he will catch it or knock it out)
  • Cutting out passes from the midfield will make your life easier

How to defend effectively:

  • Use the right stick to change players faster
  • Be wary of skill moves
  • Risk fouls when counter-attacks are possible
  • Be patient! Don’t rush into tackles (try to have midfielders do more of the work when possible
  • Don’t get a red card with a silly challenge and having  FIFA 15 Coins to play

To Play FIFA World Has Seven Reasons


Only available in FIFA World, this feature rewards players for completing tasks based on scenarios from the real world of football! For example, if Leo Messi scores a header on the weekend you may be challenged to do the same in the game and earn great rewards. New Accomplishments are added every week so there is always something new to do.

FIFA World is always getting better! You install the game once and then just download free updates. Major releases can contain new modes, new features and in Release 9.0, a whole new gameplay engine! How do we decide what to add? You tell us! Send us your feedback on Facebook, Twitter and the forums.

Create squads featuring multiple generations as you keep your players while the game advances from season to season. New versions of players are released every year and depending on their performance their ratings may increase, decrease or stay the same. Eden Hazard from Season 2014 or Eden Hazard from Season 2015, you decide which one better fits your squad!

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Agility & Control and Correct Contacts is all in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 – What’s New > Player Control > Agility and Control & Correct Contacts

Read about all the new features coming to

In FIFA 15, leave defenders for dust and use the ball like the world’s best footballers.Players move realistically with athleticism, improved balance and closer control, giving greater responsiveness and personality to your favorite stars.Run Touch Dribbling will let you keep the ball in a sprint or when looking for an opening in close-touch situations. Iconic players like Leo Messi will dribble and move like they do in real life.

The movement of the ball in FIFA 15 changes the game. You’ll see accurate spin, curl and flight of the football as it moves realistically after each contact. Experience authentic ball physics while dribbling, passing, taking a touch or blocking a shot.

Player Control is one of the core pillars of FIFA 15.

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fifa 15 rare player
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Cristiano Ronaldo (Rare Gold Card)
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