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Mu Legend Pros And Cons: The Importance Of Mu Legend Zen


Mu Legend has unparalleled pros, at the same time, it also exist some cons, Mu Legend is the highly anticipated follow-up to MU Online. Followed by, let’s analyze its pros as well as cons. More informations about Mu Legend, this following is official website:
Nice class design fun skill usage
Music is pretty good and dynamic to fighting.
The game is NOT easy which I really appreciate. Even from the start it challenges you to be good
Gear changes based off of what is picked up. Even down to the minor detail of hair beeds

The game maybe a little too linear. Not much deviation from the quest path.
Skills seem a little over powered. Even watching people end game it doesn’t change
This is minor but 3 beta’s and the 5th class is still not available.
The game doesn’t encourage much grouping. It seems more like a loner game.

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FFXIV Crossovers And GARO-inspired Armor: A Much-anticipated Adventure


Apparently, Final Fantasy XIV is more than willing to have crossovers that not everyone will love. If the Yo-kai Watch crossover wasn’t to your taste, that’s fine, perhaps you’ll prefer the new crossover with the Japanese show GARO. Or perhaps you won’t care much for the crossover, but you will care for picking up some pretty new dyeable armor in exchange for PvP.


When it comes to the GARO-inspired armor, it is available in two separate forms, you can purchase undyeable versions for MGP, or you can pick up dyeable versions as PvP rewards. This coincides with improvements to PvP which will allow players to queue up for Frontline independent of FC affiliation, so it’ll be even easier to get into the matches you need whether you want GARO gear or other rewards. There are also equine mounts available for those who rack up impressive kill streaks, so you may want to take part in PvP either way.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that invites players to explore the realm of Eorzea with friends from around the world. The game is an updated version of the PC game, Final Fantasy XIV, which was originally released in 2010. In it, classic Final Fantasy type themes and environments are merged with MMORPG play mechanics as you form a party and adventure with a multitude of players from across the globe. Official website offer more latest news, guides, tips, tricks and much more:

Albion Online Has No Restriction & Extensive character customization


Albion Online is available on some platforms such as Mac, Android, Windows, IOS, Linux and so on. Extensive character customization can be offered to gamers. Along with no class restrictions, a completely player-driven economy and dynamic PvP battles. Albion Online current official news update, and more tips, guides, tricks and much more, welcome to visit reliable website: it was crafting, exploring, a bit of both or trading with other gamers in town, it was totally up to you. Some gamers stated that they feels like travelled back to Ultima when they steeping into Albion Online. It’s definitely fantastic gaming experience. For Albion Online overall look, it looks incredibly simple but it’s that simplicity that’s so refreshing. Whatever the reason, it’s full of charm and atmosphere and reminiscent of not only Ultima Online but other games.

What’s so refreshing about Albion Online is the fact that you are free to do as you please, without restriction. Albion Online uses a progression system called a Destiny Board. It’s effectively your roadmap that defines your character’s progress and how they’ve specialised. There’s a series of branching paths that lead to you gaining access to improved weapon or crafting mastery.

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The Sound Designer Of Albion Discusses The Sound Design


A few days ago, Albion online new behind the scenes video was launched by Sandbox Interactive. Speaking of its new update video, and mainly introduce the multiple aspects of the sound design process for the game.03151The sound designer of Albion Online talks about some of the design challenges, what’s more, how to curated overall sound effect in Albion Online gameplay. No matter whether a certain weapon clanging against another weapon or the sound of traversing across multiple types of terrain. Regarding every piece of audio in Albion Online, thanks to Florian Bodenschatz and his team.

The final big event is awaitting the release of Albion Online, Albion Online is scheduled to launched on July 17th. A multitude of gamers are expecting to its released, at the same time, up to now, for Albion Online the final biggest update has been unveiled, Galahad brings a new world layout, why are you still waiting? it’s time to buy cheap albion online gold at

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The Elder Scrolls Online is recognized as one of the most played games in the market nowadays. Huge numbers of people around the world are now playing this popular activity every day. It has generated such hype in the world of gamers that it rapidly became popular across the world as a victorious gaming franchise. The Elder Scrolls Online is first open-ended multiplayer installment of the The Elder Scrolls Series that comes as a re-release and rebranding edition of the game.


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