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Defense Captain In Madden 18 MUT Squads


With the release date of Madden 18 is approaching,  We could learn a lot Madden 18 information on the internet, and recently, EA Sports release a new play mode named MUT Squads which allows up to six players to play in three teams. Each team will have an offensive captain, a defensive captain and a coach. So today I will introduce more details about the Defense Captain, it will help you play Madden 18 easier in August.


  • Brings in all players from Defense for that user’s MUT Lineup
  • Brings in the defensive playbook and calls every play on Defense
  • When on Defense, the user can control any of the 11 players on the field not controlled by another user
  • There is no locking into only linebackers, defensive line, or secondary
  • Controls all audibles and adjustments on Defense
  • When on Offense, the user can control anyone besides the QB at the start of any given play

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The Latest ESO Livestream On June 23

ESO Live

The latest ESO livestream took place in the Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven.

The 45 minutes video has talked about Recap of recent ESO news, a discussion between the Dialog Coordinator Becky Ichnoski and Senior Writer Bill Slaviseck about the process of writing for and working with ESO’s voice actors. Plus, ESO player KodiPvP chated with developers about his recent ESO videos and streams. We can even see Public Test Server against ESO’s Lead UI Designer Bobby Weir on the PTS!

Albion Online Released Patch 2 Of Hector


Sandbox Interactive continues to rack in improvements to Albion Online, the latest of which is Hector. Yesterday, a new patch of Hector was released to game. It’s time to download the second patch of Hector, Version 1.0.326. Here are the patch notes:

Albion Online


Caerleon’s Bank and Marketplace are now in their own sub-areas in Caerleon.
New starter areas have been added to help with potential overcapacity.
Black Market setup has been adjusted to increase the frequency with which armors and weapons will drop.

  • The immediate result of this change will be that armor prices increase ~9x faster, and weapon prices increase ~45x faster, than previously.
  • This in turn should mean that many more weapons and armors are sold to the Black Market (as it will now be offering good prices for them far more frequently), which will lead to higher drop rates for these items.
  • The effects of this change will not kick in immediately, because old orders will still need to process through the system before the changes take effect.

Improved quantity selection in crafting: it will now remember the last amount you selected so long as you keep crafting the same item.
Destiny Board achievements are now untracked by default.
Destiny Board starts to track achievements when they get some progress (ie Fame is greater than 0).
During this patch, all achievements with progress will be set to tracked, and all achievements without progress will be set to untracked.
Added a limit to how many achievements you can track at once.
Added tooltips for Destiny Board tracker notifications.
Added “time remaining” in tooltips for buffs/debuffs.
Upgraded all remaining text in the game to use the new font.
Trophies now give their bonuses to up to three laborers rather than up to two.
Added a warning about renaming etc when creating characters.
Royal Sigils can now be transmuted to higher tiers (although doing so will be very expensive).
Royal Sigils are now classed as materials in the market.
Missions no longer show timeouts if they have very long durations.
Improved Undead and Morgana group dungeons.
Open world Ghouls now have a new ability.
Dryads and Forest Spirits are no longer aggressive.
Toads, Boars and Monitor Lizards have had their aggression radii halved.
Reduced durability of (non-Founder) furniture, making them easier to destroy.
You can no longer place furniture near banks (you know who you are).
Increased zoom speed and movement speed in the World Map.


Gathering journals now only count resources of their tier and up to two tiers higher.
The “Flail” line of weapons is now called “Morning Star”.
Reworked visualization of zergs to not show individual player positions.
It is no longer possible to find T3 resources in the Outlands. Their old positions have been filled with T4 to keep node counts constant.


Moved the siege camp in Birken Fell to remove overlapping PvP areas.
Fixed Arcane Orb cooldown to be the correct value of 15s.
Fixed damage area on Forest of Spears.
Improved various visual issues with projectiles.
Fixed some issues with calculations for focus cost of enchanted items.
Fixed an issue with visuals for Separating Slam ability.
Fixed some issues with the rewards in the final chest of safe zone hellgates.
Repositioned building NPCs/clickables to ensure they’re easy to access.
Demon Gatekeepers (eg Vile Warden) have had pursuit range reduced from 60m to 35m so they can no longer be pulled out of the Unrestricted PvP area.
Removed unnecessary warning when entering expeditions.
The Keeper Chieftain remembered the abilities he had forgotten and now uses his complete ability arsenal again.
Destroyable chests now have health and armor to make them a little harder to loot.
Fixed an issue where farm buildings did not have enough durability.
Fixed more issues with Guild UI shaking.
Fixed an issue where respawning in Caerleon was not portal-binding players correctly.
Fixed a visual issue with gathering multiple nodes in rapid sequence.
Fixed an issue with toggling nametag visibility in cities.
Various visual and effect fixes.
Various audio fixes.

FFXIV New Expansion: How To Unlock Red Mage And Samurai

Final Fantasy XIV


In Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansion, swim and dive can be considered as one of the coolest new features introduced, exploring exotic underwater locales. Just like learning to fly in the Heavensward expansion, how to gain the ability to survive underwater environments without drowning in Stormblood takes a bit of work.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansion is out now on PS4 and PC. The changes to the combat system have also been wonderful. Animations have been greatly improved. There’s more at stake in this expansion, and the losses along the way feel more poignant.

Random first-person shooter minigames also break up the monotony of “go kill these” types of MMO roteness, augmented by said narrative that ultimately feels like playing a real numbered Final Fantasy game. Hence, gamers have great passion for buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

To unlock Red Mage, it should be emphasized that fans must have a level 50 character and completed the main scenario quest, the Ultimate Weapon. Samurai also requires a level 50 character and main quest completion. Players must then complete a new quest titled the way of the Samurai.

Undoubtedly, Final Fantasy XIV is the latest chapter for the incredibly popular MMORPG series and features two new jobs — the Red Mage and the Samurai. However, how to unlock Red Mage and Samurai? Come to U4GM, full details about unlock Red Mage and Samurai and source from here.

Mu Legend Gamers Have Been Waiting For The Appearance Of Emphasizer

Mu Legend


As expected, Mu Legend gamers have been waiting for the appearance of the last hidden class Emphasizer, and the fifth class is current in preparation. Only four classes have appeared before the Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer. Anyway, this is also good news for gamers who love Mu Legend. At U4GM, you will get the latest news & guides, which is trustworthy supplier.Mu LegendUntil now, class Emphasizer has not yet appeared in the official Mu Legend page. But most notably, the graphics of Mu Legend have been pushed up a lot better. Designs of characters, monsters, maps are sharper and more authentic. The dark, dark style still surrounds the Mu Legend, almost all maps in the game are dark, with no sunlight.

Mu Legend’s style of play seems to be rather complex, but when it comes to playing, the attack in the game is a lot simpler, and mostly the player will just control the character and then attack the monster. The game does not currently have auto-typing and does not appear to be up to date.

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New Players Can Jump Into The Elder Scrolls Online


Even if the Elder Scrolls Online is often mocked by fans as a game “no one wanted,” but in truth, the game has been thriving after a lot of patches and content updates. It’s no hyperbole to say that it’s a incredible gameplay. More details can be found more here.06158According to Howard, at least two major titles that they are working on before we’re gonna get to Elder Scrolls 6. Those two major titles have not even been announced yet, and with a game as enormous as Elder Scrolls 6 promises to be, it feels like we’re not even close to seeing the game, as in, it might still be 3-5 years away, even if Skyrim was released in 2011.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard admitted that Elder Scrolls 6 is relatively low on Bethesda’s to-do list and not even in development officially at this point. Why the delay? It’s actually because the rest of the Elder Scrolls universe is too successful. But you can guess what would happen if Elder Scrolls 6 ended up being released in a year or two. Everyone would flock to that game and abandon The Elder Scrolls Online en masse, if not permanently, than at least temporarily.

New players can jump into The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind and start a new character without having to complete any previous ESO content. And, since the original ESO game is included with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, new players will have instant access to hundreds of hours of additional adventures throughout Tamriel. How to easily acquire cheap ESO Gold?

Last Major Hector Update Before Albion Online’s Release Published

The last major update to be released before the official release of Albion Online came from Hector.

Albion Online, which is one of the most ambitious MMORPGs developed by the SandBox Interactive team, aims to offer a long-term game with an Ultima-like community structure. The game will be released on July 17, 2017 with the latest version. Albion, which will be following a long, detailed and patient development phase, will wait until mid-July to test its latest update. Thanks to the communicational integrity between the community and the development team, the game has become almost irrelevant for players looking for a new MMORPG, with the game reaching the ultimate expanse, successful graphics structure and versatile game depth.


The update, published with the Hector name, brings the recently introduced Black Market system to the game. Hellgates, which blend the Albion world’s PvE and PvP combat options successfully, are adding new ones. Mechanical enhancements for existing areas also come to the Hellgate system with Hector update.

Outlands that are not available in the vote are added to the Albion map, and it is possible to go to the area with the help of the portal. There are also settings that allow the map to be displayed in larger windows at different scales.

New mounts are also added to the game, making it possible for you to travel through Albion’s big world. Albion world’s PvE options, where you can travel to your desired destination, are updated and changed a bit.

The User Interface of the player’s screen, the details of new player’s tutorial, modeling of armor and weapons, and dozens of minor error correction come with the Hector update.

Unfortunately, Albion Online can not be played for free and does not offer Turkish language support. However, if you want to examine the proposals of this game we find quite ambitious, you can go to the our sites by clicking here. You can watch the video broadcast for the Hector update on the screen below.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Will Add Two New DLCs To Game

On the E3, Bethesda has announced two new DLCs for The Elder Scrolls Online with the Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City.


Shortly after the official start of the big add-on Morrowind, Bethesda has already announced further supplies for the online roller game The Elder Scrolls Online.

In the framework of the E3 via Twitter, the developers presented two new DLCs for the MMO. They are called the Horns of the Reach as well as Clockwork City and are to appear later this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online

However, there are no concrete release dates for the download extensions as well as details on their content. In addition, there will probably be a large mountain fortress in the DLCs as well as some ruins as battlegrounds.

What Are The Game Modes in Madden NFL 18

In addition to the Arcade and Simulation game modes, there is a rumor that is online multiplayer mode, which will allow 2-6 players to play in the same online game. It sounds very interesting, if you have a group of friends, all the friends want to play in the same game in the online game. For me personally, I’m not sure if this model attracts me because I tend to be more involved in offline season mode and online league mode. For those who argue for this enhancement, this version seems to be your chance.


All that all says that while I think we can go to the great Frostbite engine and game enhancements, I will not mention that I am worried that Madden 18 will be short for some notable items that are not listed this year.

I will refer to what I mentioned in this article, is to introduce, demonstrate, demonstrate. The area here will allow EA to get the biggest explosion because the game itself is stable and mostly solid. The Madden franchise has long missed the notion of the highlights of the other NFL games that took place this week. If you are in the middle of the game in the season, then you should stop and see a big game in another game. This will add realism and overall excitement to play the game. With today’s hardware features, it seems to be awaiting implementation of the enhancement.

Another demonstration feature that is missing is the concept of a weekly “sports center” type of program through all the games of the week and shows the statistics / highlights. Tried in previous versions of Madden, but it was already very little. With the latest improvements in hardware / software functionality, a more complete version should be available. So you can go www.madden-store to buy MUT 18 coins at that time, there are plenty of Madden NFL 18 coins for sale!

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Old Morrowind, New Region


Morrowind is the new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, the Bethesda MMO that continues to attract thousands of fans to the saga.

Old Morrowind, New Region

Morrowind is the first true expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. After spending ten hours on Vvanderfell Island, we are ready to tell you our first impressions – awaiting full review – on this “nostalgic operation” put in place by Bethesda for its MMO.


After a sluggish start in 2014, who soon persuaded to abandon the monthly subscription formula, The Elder Scrolls Online – for TESO friends – was able to trace the china thanks to a huge update at the end of 2016 and a number of interesting DLCs, Which are now being accompanied by the Morrowind expansion (already available on PC, but will also be officially released on consoles only on June 6).

Anyone who has played in the third chapter of The Elder Scrolls will be curious to explore Vvanderfell Island during the second era, almost 1000 years before Morrowind’s events.

As with other areas, the island can be reached by teleporting into the only available sanctuary. Once you get to know the peculiarities of Vvanderfell, like the huge mushrooms and the particular architectural style.

At first glance, the size and shape of the map do not differ from the third chapter. It’s great for those who are pushed to explore one of Tamriel’s biggest islands, especially to be able to revisit it in a modern way after so many years.

The expansion also offers a whole new plot, though, as it is legitimate to expect from an MMO, it does not seem particularly inspired or complex; We ran into the usual naval / killer missions around Vvanderfell.

The contents are mostly intended for PvE and do not look very different from those offered by the other regions of Tamriel, with the classic main plot of the area and the secondary quest. The PvP is however expanded by the new Battlegrounds mode, very interesting at least on paper.


These are fighting between three four-player teams that introduce the Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag as well as Domination. It seems that Bethesda wants to make the clashes swiftly without the need to enter Cyrodiil.

Morrowind also introduces a new class, the Warden, whose skills are focused on nature. You can rely on the evocation of companions like the Sorcerer, but also enhance the branch of the powers of caring for your character and allies such as the Templar. At first glance it seems an interesting class to try, especially considering the shortage of those in the base game.


During these early hours of play, Morrowind expansion does not seem to disappoint. The content, especially those for PvE, is also missing and Vvanderfell Island is a great addition to the map of the game, which the more nostalgic players will also love to explore.

The full review will allow us to answer the basic question: is the 39.99 euros required? For now, the answer to this question seems positive, with due caution. It remains to be seen whether and how much it will be able to keep faith in our initial impressions.

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