A bit runescape blurry

I’m going to keep this pretty short. The HTML5 Beta is brilliant in my opinion. However, there are one or two issues I have to raise. Firstly, it seems the close up images have been reduced in quality. For example, the original non-HTML 5 game seems to be less bitty and blurry on the original (non-extended horizon) screen. It seems the extended horizon has brought less graphics to close up images.

For example, your character has less high graphics. It’s more blurry and bitty than before. As I compare the HTML5 Beta and Normal Runescape I can see normal Runescape is far more sharp than the HTML Beta, especially at close up. Having read the thread of how to make a client and having successfully made a client, the difference was obvious: the RS 3 Gold logo on the HTML5 client was very blurry. It would be good if you could sharpen the close up images and graphics to make them look similar to what they used to look like.

Secondly, the map doesn’t look as much like a map as it used to do. It just looks like you’ve injected graphics into the map, and it’s not great too be honest. The whole thing is slightly more pixelated and bitty than it used to be, but the changed textures and graphical rivers just don’t make it. It would be much better to keep the map as a map – it tells you what things are and where they are and keeps things simple. Looking at the world map gives a blurry texture feel to things, which relates back to my first point.
It would be good to see these things fixed.
Many Thanks,

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