A Legacy Combat Mode Update in RS

Are you still remember a runescape’s previous post about big plans for combat? Yes, it’s now finally coming! You will be able to enjoy an initial beta in May if nothing else. As long as it goes well on testing and feedback, you may have the chance to see the official version this summer.


The Legacy Combat Mode is especially for those who preferred the old combat gameplay and game interfaces. That means players are able to play the modern game with the feel of the old combat gameplay and interfaces by using the Legacy Mode.For those players who have the sense of nostalgic, Legacy will feel like the simpler experience familiar to those who played prior to the Evolution of Combat and RuneScape 3. Meanwhile, the majorities of game worlds will allow those in Legacy Mode to play alongside EoC players, so the two groups can play together, interact and fight side-by-side if you wish.

runescape combat

Everything has two sides, so various people would have different opinions for the Legacy Mode. Some people are really loved the old version, so they hope the legacy Mode can allow custom interface skinning. They would definitely jump at the chance to reskin it all to the 2011 graphics. Conversely, other players think that three versions of the game are going to be confusing. Most new players will probably start in legacy since it will be easier to get into. Those same players might never even try the EOC version.

All in all, Jagex is going to make it as an option so that players can choose that depends on themselves. It’s the best of both worlds.

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