An area for players can only be accessed after the quest in Runescape

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The Penguin Hunting Area is an area for players to hunt penguins and can only be accessed after the completion of the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber. It can be accessed by travelling to the Iceberg using Larry’s boat located near the Rellekka Hunter area,and then jumping across the ice blocks east of Jim the polar bear. Jim can be found north-east from the docks at the iceberg.

If players are able to summon an Arctic bear, then they will obtain Hunter bonuses that the familiar provides for hunting here. They also provide a teleport just above the fairy ring.Here, players may catch agent penguins from the KGP and give them to the PBJ Agent across the ice.

The penguins may be caught using many of the hunting techniques: tracking, deadfall traps, box traps, and net traps. Penguin hunting areaThe stepping stones leading to the penguin hunting area.The Kgp agents may be given to the polar bear for interrogation. The reward for this is more Hunter experience. Players receive 2 Hunter experience per KGP penguin returned to the polar bear.

This is not recommended due to the low amount of experience given compared to catching a penguin with a trap.Tracking: gives 250 experience and requires a Hunter level of 45.Net trapping: gives 250 experience and requires a Hunter Level of 50.Deadfall trapping: gives 210 experience, requiring a Hunter level of 51.Box trapping: gives 150 experience, requiring a Hunter level of 56.

Raw cod can be used as bait for all of these techniques, except tracking. Baiting is not required, however.There is a Ruined boat on the southeast side of the Iceberg that gives items for deadfall and net trapping, but players will have to bring their own items for box trapping and tracking.  The boat provides the player with 4 Driftwood, 5  Ropes, 5 Small fishing nets, 5 Box traps, and 2 knives.

The update on 24 June 2010 made it much easier to obtain hunting supplies from the boat. Penguins are the only hunted creature not killed by a deadfall trap. However, they can be alchemised with Low or High Level Alchemy, which could be considered a form of death for the penguins.The only thing you can do with the regular penguins is release them or alchemise them.

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