Benefits of Becoming a Member

Can you simply tell if Runescape is a great game or not without you becoming a member? The answer to that would be, NO! Well you can make a few predictions about Runescape and see the moral of the game when being a regular user and not a member but becoming a member brings a whole lot of additions to Runescape that you would never see if you were not a member. Being a member of Runescape has so many benefits and I will try to list them all here for you. Runescape tells you them, but I’m going to detail it a few features for you here.

Members World:
However a free world may look, a members world would look to. The big difference between a members world is that is has way more places to go into. You would be amazed by how many more cities you can go to when your in a members world. Also, in these other cities allows you to do more so this is a great advantage to the Runescape lovers.

If you certainly love quests, then becoming a member on Runescape is something you’ve got to do immediately. The amount of member quests which is available is too many account but I’m guessing that there is around 50-150 more quests to do. We provide quest guides on Runescape-Blog if you ever happen to need any guides on quests. With all those quests in the members world, you may find yourself troubled in one quest and can’t find the solution so we are here to help!

What good is it when you’re limited to what you can do? Instead of bring up your levels in just a few skills, you can work up and twice as much skills when your a member. You’ve got construction which you can build your own house, agility to bring up your agility in the agility course and farming. This can’t be all, there are way more skills than this. All these other skills can help you do other things when you have a good amount which will be discussed in next couple of paragraphs.

Better/Stylish Armour:
Have you ever heard of an armour called Dragon? You probably heard of it but you should actually wield it to see how it really looks and feels to where. This is not the only extra armour that you can wield. If you are a ranger or a mage person, then you can find other things that only members can wear and they look pretty good. Plus in a members world, you can have a cannon as a weapon! I can’t tell to you too much about it since it would spoil the fun so first you must become a member!

Earning Money:
When you are a member, you will find out that you can make a lot more money quicker than the people in the free world. The new cities that you can visit allows you to do much more quicker such as cut trees, mine coal and ores and a lot more. Once you’re in a members world, you will always want to stay in a members world!

Words can’t really describe what the members section really look like so you would have to take a peak at it yourself. It’s not much money to pay and it’s only around $0.17 a day. If your not over 18 and do not own a credit card, then try getting your parents or have someone who has Paypal to pay for you. There’s more payment choices that you can use to pay to become a member so if you can’t do one of those two sources, then I would look into the other payment sources.

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