Bonus xp runescape bug

Ok, since the new skill came out, I am not getting my bonus xp from lamps, jack of trade book, etc. applied to my agility skill.

That is where I tend to apply these forms of bonus xp.
In the last week I’ve applied two Jack of trade books and 1 medium xp lamp to the agility skill. Before doing this I needed just over 15k to roll to 80 agility.
Both books were for over 7k agility xp, and the med lamp offered just over 3k, and yet, despite the in-game confirmation that the xp was applied to agility, I STILL need just over 15 k to roll to 80.

that’s over 17k lost in bonus xp.
Any ideas why this is?
When this happened with the first book, I thought maybe i hit the skill next to it..but the 2nd time, i made absolutely sure it was the agility icon and sure enough…saw confirmation on screen for xp to agility. Same with the third try with med xp lamp.
Getting very annoyed and I really need that 80 agility. Yes, I could just go train it, but the point is, where is my xp going if not to the chosen skill? No others have gone up as result.

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