Borrow runescape money from another city

I have a suggestion for battle of lumbridge. Have a 0 gp vote in which the duke borrows or asks certain kingdoms for runescape money for example borrow or ask for money from falador, port sarim, varrock, al kharid or meiyerditch?

Borrowing or asking money from another kingdom is the only hope we have currently for more votes. We can’t get a priest to bless the mass graves all because people chose useless guard dogs previous vote or atleast it may be good for Zamorakian dead as they do not want their graves blessed by a saradominist priest. Inter the bodies in the catacombs probably means pile of bones like in death of chivalry saradominist crypt.

So everyone, make sure to keep this battle of lumbridge suggestion alive for the mods to see, only hope we have for more votes.Well since for Zamorakian dead a saradominist blessing on their graves would be like a desecration to them. But problem is undead might rise without the option to have a priest bless it like revenants.

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