Call for a vote on the runescape nis

Okay, graphics in Runescape 3 gold are truly amazing. However, in all honesty I prefer the old interface; I do not like the new interface even remotely; as a matter of fact, I think I can safely say I truly despise the new interface. The NIS feels cluttered, scattered and neither user friendly nor intuitive. After playing Runescape for over a decade now, this new interface is something that finally has me seriously considering finding a new game, it is that absolutely awful in my personal opinion. In the “hugely customizable” interface editor, please give us the option of reverting to the old, “not improved” interface. My old interface back and the awesome new graphics would make up for the “new and improved” camera system that I’m not to crazy about either. But even though the new graphics are amazing, they can’t make up for a horrible interface system, and keep me playing Runescape for another decade. I really think Jagex needs to put this issue to the vote.

Give us the option to play in the old interface system, looking exactly like it did before NIS. This should seriously be considered, as the interface you choose to play in doesn’t hugely affect the gameplay like for example the EOC. I’d like to see an option to play in “SIMPLE”, meaning the old interface, and “CUSTOMIZABLE”, meaning NIS. That would be pretty sweet if you ask me.

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