Cant access monthly statues

I have just tried to do the monthly statues for prayer and con experience, but when i accept to build the statue, the chat box is bigger than it is in Runescape 3 Gold game and it blocks part of the statue so I cannot finish it.
I try to move it out of the way whilst both in game and when in the building process but it make sno difference.
Does this mean I will have to go to the cog, edit, mini game mode and clear the chat box and then reverse this after I have finished each statue?
If yes, I assume that this must be a bug?
Anyone else found this probelm?

HI Runeshinning
Sorry I had to go out for a bit
Yes, the chat box just stays covering part of the scaffolding
Even after agreeing to build and after being told maximum and minimum heights, the box just stays there and whatever I try to do it is as if the chat box is frozen.
I tried before agreeing to build making the chat box as small as I could and right out of the way but as soon as i start the mini game the box goes back to being covering the scaffolding.

Just tried again and i friggen well cant do the dam statues.
Am getting pretty peed off with this now.
Whatever I do in edit mode and minigame or main hub changes the bloody chat box is still frozen and blocking the scaffolding.

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