Can’t change combat style

Runescape members,
I am having an issue with the combat styles window. So, I hit fn, f4(the fn because i have a mac) and open the powers box. I see all the tabs, magic melee range ext. but I can only click on the defence and pray tabs. It is worth noting that i have watched youtube videos on how to switch combat styles, because I thought I might be doing it wrong, and I noticed that my powers window looked different than theirs. The difference is that the words defensive abilities, if I am on the defence tab, are overlapping the tabs. The same is happening with the power name box, but i can still click on the tabs underneath it. If anyone can help or give me any clues why this is happening I would greatly appreciate it. I will be watching this thread and will respond to any questions. I would also like to mention this is very annoying as I can’t train defense.

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