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Madden NFL 18

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Madden NFL 18

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Panthers at Saints Will have A Big Match in Madden

Madden 18

In the NFL,fans and media members like to talk about who would win in their game picks.This week,the Panthers in the first place challenge the Saints in the NFC South.but the Saints finished stronger, rolling to a 35-21 victory.

Carolina controlled the first quarter-plus of action, jumping on top with a Graham Gano 52-yard field goal, then extending its lead to 10-0 on a 1-yard plunge by Jonathan Stewart. From there, though, the Saints scored 35 of next 38 points, including a quartet of touchdowns from their talented duo of running backs.

Mark Ingram got it going with a 1-yard touchdown run, the first of three second-quarter touchdowns that earned the Saints a 21-13 edge. Alvin Kamara scored on an 18-yard reception out of the backfield, then wide receiver Michael Thomas capped the half with a 5-yard scoring catch.

In the third quarter,the Drew Brees(who finished with exactly 300 yards) and seeting up finished stronger, rolling to a 35-21 victory.but it seem wasn’t enough.The Panthers got a better change,because their got a 2-yard touchdown run and a two-point conversion run from quarterback Cam Newton in the fourth quarter

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Madden 18’s Mode: Devin Wade Plays Football With His Best Friend Colt Cruise

Madden 18

In the past years, Madden has had relocation, it has no league expansion concept and there are too many restrictions. Now, some NFL players show slower regression over their careers, but there should be a regression rating for every player. Obviously, if you desire to know more NFL player ratings and this year’s Madden 18’s the latest official information, visit the official website here.Madden 18

Longshot, a new story mode for this game, you will experience a flashback in which Devin Wade plays football with his best friend Colt Cruise in childhood. Later, you will make your way to the “Regional Combine” together. If you want to raise your rating early and strengthen the bond with your friend, you choose the following answers in the talks:

At the hotel you decide for reject
In the truck you choose Have Mercy opposite Colt.
Then you should sing with your friend – he will be happy
In the introduction with the kids you choose “Change The Play”.
When you call in the Regional Combine you choose “Hush Colt”.
Mario Gonzales tries to lure you out of the reserve. Block with “Ignore Him”.
In conversation with the TV managers, you choose “Question” every time.”
Your chance for a successful draft in “Longshot”: The “Regional Combine”.
Your friend feels discouraged. Choose “Encourage Colt” and help him on the next turn. That also increases your rating.

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Madden 18

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The Patch 1.06 Focuses On Addressing Several Issues In Madden 18’s Franchise

Madden NFL 18

The game’s patch is matter to the progress of the game. The Madden 18 patch fixes a crash scenario that could trigger in Franchise mode when moving through menus quickly. What’s more, the update fixes a problem where Madden Ultimate Team auction house filters would reset before they should. In fact, the patch also addresses the much-talked about Gun Monster formation.Madden NFL 18The Madden 18 patch also makes it so the quarterback can dive while scrambling, something that apparently wasn’t possible before. It’s worth noting that the patch clears out a problem where the ref would spot the ball incorrectly after a flubbed punt. Check out the full patch notes here to see what’s new and changed, visit the official website here, we will irregularly update the latest news, definitely is what you want to know.

Madden 18 update 1.06 tweaks pass accuracy, the update focuses on passing, as well as addressing several issues in the game’s Franchise and MUT modes. On Franchise, here is everything the update brings:

Made stability improvements
Updated NFL records for Offline
Addressed issue displaying certain menus in 4K
Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via Play Now Live

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Play Madden NFL 18 On The Most Powerful Console – Xbox One X


“Xbox One X has officially launched,” Xbox official social media announced, “Who’s ready for the world’s most powerful console?” It means that Madden NFL 18 can be play on the powerful console according to the latest patch of the game.

xbox 1

The greatest looking Madden ever just got even better. Madden NFL 18 reaches new heights on Xbox One X through visuals and gameplay with Xbox One X Enhanced support, 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. The resolution of the game can be played in 4K Ultra HD, which really comes through in the player detail. The gameplay will run at a constant 60 FPS (Frames Per Second), which means that when you go from scoring on the field to celebrating in the end zone, you’ll experience a smooth, seamless transition from gameplay to cinematic moments.

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Madden 18

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Madden 18

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