Causing the Crystal seed supply to be cut off from the Elves

When Guthix entered his slumber, many gods arrived, or started appearing, on Gielinor.
According to the Crystal of Seren, Guthix’s World Gate was sealed during the Second Age, causing the Crystal seed supply to be cut off from the Elves.
The Saradominist kingdom Hallowland with its capital Hallowvale is established in the modern Morytania region.
Tumeken, Elidinis and their children, Icthlarin and Amascut, founded the Kharidian/Menaphite empire in the modern Kharidian areas.
Zarosian Empire is established. Throughout the Second Age, the empire extends rapidly and becomes the largest and the mightiest empire of Gielinor.
Zarosian Empire came into a war with the Kharidian empire. However, Icthlarin had the Mahjarrat under his control, and used them to defend the Kharidian Empire.
Amascut’s mind is warped and she becomes known as the Goddess of Destruction after witnessing the arrival of Mahjarrat to Gielinor and seeing the destruction caused by them.

At some point, Zaros discovers the race that would come to be known as the Dragon Riders, and brings them from their world to Gielinor, where they become some of his most prominent and feared followers. However, due to their infertility – which remains uncured by Zaros – they are eventually depleted to only five in number by the time of Zamorak’s betrayal.
The Mahjarrat abandon Icthlarin and become the followers of Zaros.
The Slayer Tower is built.Runescape Gold.
The Zarosian Empire reaches its peak, consisting of today’s Wilderness, Northern Misthalin, Northern Asgarnia and Northern Morytania.
Zamorak, a Zarosian general at the time, orchestrates his master’s downfall.
Zamorak becomes a god shortly after Zaros’ defeat.
Zamorak is banished by the other gods, but soon returned with a large and powerful army behind him, declaring war against the other gods.
It is believed that the Duel Arena is built in this Age.
Guthix is still in hibernation during this Age.

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