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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve played Runescape Gold. I haven’t logged on in a very long time, and I had made this account a long time ago. Me, being the inexperienced youngerster I was, had no idea of skill builds and pures and such. And now I believe I might as well make another account because my skills are already ruined beyond repair. Any tips, comments, or suggestions?

—My Skills—
Attack: 51
Strength: 60
Defense: 51
Ranged: 32
Prayer: 43
Magic: 52
Constitution: 54

Should I remake my account or do you think I can still do something with this? If you think I can still do something, what can I do? PvP, Tank, Fist of Guthix, or what? I really wanted to PvP but unfortunately I don’t think I can, so should I just remake my account? If so, I’d like to make a hybrid between melee and something else, and I was thinking Melee/Ranged. What do you think?Personally, i believe you should continue with that account and lvl up yoour stats from there. just have fun bro. that’s what the game is about.

What should I level up? And there isn’t much I can do, since I’ve finished all the quests and most achievements. PvP is always the last resort for all games.everything lol. lvl up you combat stats, skills, anything lol. jst have fun. hang out with friends. if you’re a member, join a clan lol. i find clans are really fun ^^ for members, anyway lol.Don’t worry about PVP all the time, have fun PVP isn’t everything, and after this interface update pvp is gonna suck anyways.

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