Dominion tower problems

So I decided to try the dominion tower challenge again today for the seasonal high scores, only to find that the whole tower is riddled with bugs and glitches making it unbearable. I gave up after only 10 waves, and fighting an invincible Koschei the Deathless (Guess he earned his name right?) and an unnattackable Fareed. Koschei was stuck at 0 hp, so I couldn’t attack him, and yet somehow he proceeded to attack my war tortoise. As for Fareed, I tried a Royal crossbow with royal bolts, Armadyl battlestaff with fire wave, and Saradomin godsword, none of which would hit him. I just sat there splashing 0′s for 10 minutes before he finally killed my familiar and then me. Let’s try and get our act together, huh Jagex? Thanks.

Some other issues I’ve found (although I must admit bugs are much less common if you don’t use a familiar.)

-Little General Khazard can’t be stunned anymore. Big one can. (intentional?)
-Binding Shot and Impact fail to stun several bosses that are not immune to stun. (asphyxiate still stuns them)
-The Illusive’s information bar (the thing that shows name, weakness, and hitpoints) appears in random areas on my screen when it disappears.
-Delrith stays around for about 10 seconds after he has 0 hp. Also Darklight doesn’t work on him (intentional? pretty sure it worked when I redid the quest)
-Stunned the Untouchable and he moved 4 spaces to attack me. Stepped away and he still followed me. Stunned him again and stepped away, he stayed put this time.
-Dagannoth Mother V2 only changes between blue and brown, coincidently the 2 attack styles I didn’t have. I fought her for over 20 minutes. World hopped, tried again for 10 minutes. (Intentional?)

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