Email from Jagex re: Membership Cancellation

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This response is due to your recent email regarding my decision to cancel my subscription. The easiest way to explain really is by the copy & paste below that was sent to your seniors. To date there has been no [/font]response to these concerns. I am not the author but i am the 138cb player referenced within. My partner wrote this & forwarded to Jagex after I decided to quit my membership on Runescape. Please read on, you will find the explanation simple. Being a p2p member for 7 years & having a broad network of friends on Runescape, I can tell you now with confidence there will be many yet to follow my path from feedback received within the game unless Jagex is quick to react to consumer needs. Lets face it, Obviously your marketing department has no practicle hands on qualifications to to realise the number 1 rule towards business success is “Retain your client base” as your priority then move forward for new business, not the other way round!

I don’t want you to remove EoC, I applaud that as an organisation you can recognise when change is required, and adapt to it quickly. I just want you to accept responsibility for the expectations you have set with your existing clients. I FULLY expect you to provide me with continued pleasure from a game I enjoy & pay good money to enjoy. At the moment, this is not happening. Unfortunately, if I don’t receive a response, I will be leaving completely & finding an alternative. The kids have already started looking for something for me, as they don’t believe you will listen. I really hope you do.


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