Epic new update

I guess some of you are delighted and so happy with recent events so i thought i would bring something to the party. Being that all new things are good , I started to think. An old friend of mine said something that I never will forget. He told me that if a person made a car out of recycled poop, and called it a poop-mobile, then some fool would buy it. and more than that, I totally believe him.

The Big Mac from Mcdonalds is probably one of the most favorite food in the world. Created in 1967 and still present today. No changes thusfar but we are about to make history. This is for the people who say “stop living in the past”, “change is good” ect, ect. Why do you like the Big Mac?, i guess because you just do. They havent changed it for that very reason. No need to !!

But based on todays ways I have a brilliant idea. Since we like uprupt changes with no reason and we get bored with something that needs no changes, this idea should be very popular.

We take the Big Mac , we scramble it all up, and add a nice serving of poop on the top. Yea? Oh wait there’s more! We are going to call this new “epic” hamburger the

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