‘FIFA 15′ – Netherlands Potential Star “Achahbar”

The guy was born in 1994. In Dutch, Achahbar has been known for some time. The reason why he is involved in TOTW28 is that he helps his team defeat PSV Eindhoven with 2:1.


In the two matches, he succeeds in getting 3 goals, which can be the most interesting part. As van Persie, Robben and Sneijder get old, the attacking task of Netherlands will pass to which players? Depay, Dost or Achahbar? From the players analysis of EA, Achahbar will be the best copper card in FIFA 15.



In FIFA 16, he will be promoted to silver card. 72 speed + 71 shooting ability will be enhanced greatly. Height 170 grants him with great agility and hand fell. I have to say that Achahbar is a player with huge potential. Therefore, I suggest that you can use copper players. You can put him into use and pay attention to him selectively. Achahbar is rally worthy of your attention.

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