FIFA 20 Ball roll Tips For Beginners

First up, the ball roll. Ridiculously simple to use and very, very useful. This skill moves more popular than it used to be but is still so underused, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Seller find it baffling. Rarely, U4GM face people who use the ball roll effectively, but it is one of the first skill moves, if not very first skill move, you should practice using in the game. Not only this, it can combine form a deadly step of the ball roll drag back combo. The ball roll drag back is, kind of, a hidden skill move that, if used and practiced well can be a great way to create space and beat men regularly.

See below the initial button explanation to read how to make this excellent combo move.

Right stick movement
Ball roll, right – hold
Ball roll left – hold
Ball roll, right to drag back turn – hold R2 + Top ▲ then flick both LEFT and RIGHT together
Ball roll left to drag back shift – hold R2 + Top ▼ Hold then flick LEFT and RIGHT stick together
Most effective areas of the field to use All the field, ONLY, once you have this perfected.

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