For water or fire orbs in RuneScape

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Wield either water or fire staff and armour and an anti-dragon shield. Bring anti-poison (or Bracelet of Inoculation), a key to get through the gate as an alternative of using the agility shortcut, and a teleport (or mithril grapple and crossbow for water obelisk), and fill the rest of your inventory with uncharged orbs and cosmic runes (3 per orb).

The water obelisk is next to the black dragons, up a ladder, and the fire obelisk is west of the black dragons. Note that making water and fire orbs is a really long trip, so it is highly recommended that you make earth or air orbs instead. High agility gives a couple of possible shortcuts in the dungeon, as well as an escape from the water obelisk island using a mithril grapple & crossbow.

Once your cash is exhausted from buying staves, attach all the orbs to the battlestaves, sell them or high-alchemise them. High Alchlemy is highly recommended as you can receive more cash back per stave. You also have to opportunity to earn some Magic experience, 65 exp per alch.

The most economical method is to have Varrock armour 4 to buy 80 staves daily from Zaff, talk to Bert to get your 84 buckets of sand delivered daily (requires Hand in the sand quest), and buy seaweed from from Arhein in Catherby. This limits you to 80 a day at the highest profit margin. Collect materials for several days and then actually make and alch your staffs.

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