formally changed its name to old version named as RuneScape Traditional

With more and more gamers of Runescape

With more and more gamers of Runescape Gold, Jagex began his big improvement works. Jagex new transformation activity drive, the entire picture is three-dimensional, he released the 2nd version, Launched on Dec 1, 2003 Premium Participant test version, it is for spending associates only before test. Completing version is released on April 17, 2004, for use by all gamers. RuneScape after the release of the 2nd version, formally changed its name to old version named as RuneScape gold Traditional. After then, Jagex found a lot of gamers use plug-in to play Traditional game, obstructed a total of approximately 5,000 accounts. In the same time, Jagex quit the Traditional applications for new users, only Aug 3, 2005 Sign in gamers and spending gamers to be able to login, regulations and maintain so far.

A wealth of information to be able to allow a 100 % free member, the web browser 100 % free membership the top of the experience display to add an ad banner. On This summer 13, 2006, Jagex with WildTangent signed the the extensive promotion RuneScape in the United States. In addition, many associates of the use of certain procedures to prevent the top of the experience display promotion banners within the web browser, so that promoters create unjust because, Jagex introduced a new control to ban these gamers use the program to quit promotion.

On May 16, 2006, Jagex activity motor upgrade, picture upgrade. This upgrade, the activity memory body decrease can develop and enhance the content of the experience, which will not lengthen the experience loading time. The adventure motor upgrade again on June 26, 2007, and can be temporary future updates of the experience, but there is no public release. On This summer 1, 2008, Jagex released RuneScape top great quality test version for spending associates only test. The official version was released on This summer 14, for use by all gamers. The top great quality version, to enhance all aspects of great quality, while spending associates can use the complete display. The original old version still maintains, set to the low-quality version, for use by all gamers.

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