geReporters, Runefest and BXPW

The summer’s gone, but my writer hat is still laying somewhere collecting dust and sheltering spiders. I am afraid it’ll stay that way for some time more. RL happened and I’ve been working hard. I can’t complain, though – the work I’ve been doing during the last year or so is the most interesting work I’ve ever done – in fact, maybe the most interesting work there is in IT business nowadays. So yeah, I am pretty happy about that.

As far as Runescape goes, I still play, but not much: do my quota in the Clan Citadel, a few slayer assignments here and there and a lot of Temple Trekking recently.

Runewise will be at RuneFest. Alas, I can’t come personally, but Tabt, Goggie and Jethraw volunteered to represent Runewise at joined Sal’s/Runewise stall. I just shipped Runewise’s poster (designed by Cremnlin) and some fliers to Tabt. If you end up going to Runefest, come by the stall and say hi :)

I also got some good news from the Grand Exchange Central. They are fully back in business and Absenm has big plans for the future, including hosting an analogue of “World Street Journal” for Runescape economy. Writers are very welcome. If you wish to become one, contact Absenm at absenm[at] Here is a quote from Absenm about expectations for the writers: “People interested in writing for us have two options. One, write guides that give tips and advice. Two, geReporters, who write stories about the eco system not related to giving investment advice. Straight out reporting what is currently happening. Just the facts.”

Finally, BXPW. I sold all my herbs and will be training construction. But that’s not what I wanted to say :) Much more interesting is this article from Merch Gwyar. She uses BXPW as an example of game event which could be shared by parents and children, even if parents are not playing. One thing I would add is that in my opinion it should not be a one street road – children should also make some effort and actually tell their parents about the game events ahead of time.


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