Guide to Access the Felecia Hills

You’ll also want to wear this time to falconry, because it will help here. Full Laragia can be purchased from other players or the Grand market, it may also be designed, but its much easier if you were just to buy chimney it. When in woodlands and forests, it is recommended that you wear full Larupia because this cover up your character and you will increase your chances of getting anything you catch and cheap runescape gold in the game. Crimson: to catch Crimson Swifts you will need to implement the pitfalls of birds in the hills of Felecia. To access the Felecia Hills you should rub a duel ring to teleport to Castle Wars, and then run the hills of their. When setting up the trap birds to enhance your chances of getting a quick you want to move your character in a few places away from the trap.

Tropical: to catch tropical Wagtails you’ll need traps birds and they are also located in the Felecia hills, but West of the beach where you have been hunting Swifts Crimson slightly. If a bird in your trap but was, you must reset your trap and wait for another to stick in the Wagtails it again. Catching tropical Wagtails that you will use the same method that you used to catch Crimson Swifts (installation and reset traps). Swamp lizards: to catch lizards of wetlands you will need to bring a real powder keg, 4 strings and 4 small nets, both of these items can be purchased from the Grand Exchange. When you reach level 20 fighter, your character will be able to set two traps of birds at a time thus making it more likely to catch a bird and you will need to check the two traps.

The hunting spot is easily noticeable by the small Hunter on the map leg and this is where you should put in place the traps. You will also need an extinguished torch that can be purchased in the shop is located in the South of Yanille Hunter and buy cheap rs gold in the game. Lizards of the marshes are located in the Haunted Woods which are southwest of the Canfis in the Mauritania marshes. Initially, you will be able to implement 2 traps at the time, but when you reach level 40, you will be able to implement 3 traps. When you reach the level 39 you will smoke traps, traps smoke that you’ll have to light the torch with the lighter and then right click on traps and click on the smoke.

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