How to find a RuneScape Group or find RS players ?

Had this content any positive things at all? Well actually, yes. First of all, we saw the new look of the Ice Troll , and the Management Game was also pretty creative. The fact that free players finally can have a summoning pet is also a mentionable fact.We are offer the cheapest runescape gold to our clients, along with other free online gold offers with your order. Now here else can you find such a dirt-cheap price! However, I’m pretty sure this will mostly lead to ranting members on Jagex’s Rant Forum. Then again, rants will always remain anyway.The squirrel ears are basically a fake version of the bunny ears. There was also a glitch in-game that allowed players to kill the squirrels that were summoned.

Someone (see the guy with the Magic Bow in the picture? It was him) found it funny to heartlessly kill my squirrels with a shot from his bow, causing me to be without my fluffy friends for another 30 minutes. Don’t you just love this Easter update?Well, onwards to the Easter Bunny ,Jr. now. After meeting him together with an ice troll (called Easta Buni, what a joke), you are given you first task: clean the machine parts that you have put together last year! Done with this task? Your next task is to mix some colors in a bowl at a machine full of imps. This part was actually ‘fun’ to do, and required some low-minded puzzle thinking.

Nothing hard, but it was the most enjoyable thing to do so far. Unfortunately, we have reach our next task already. Teach a bunch of squirrels how to operate the conveyor. This part is EXACTLY the same as last year’s event. That’s right, including the items on the conveyor belt. Copy-pasted, the Jagex way! T We are the professional website to buy runescape gold.We only offer the lowest of prices for runescape money, but guess what? We also offer the best service! We are online 24/7. If you have any problems with buying runescape gold, you can contact us at any time, and we will try our very best to solve your problems.

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