How to Make Millions on Runescape

I have read tons of articles, talks to hundreds of people, tried many different methods, all with one question. How do you make millions of gold on Runescape? Well, after a long while of digging through useless information, I actually stumbled upon real methods used by the pros! Yes, these methods can be done by ANYONE. There are not instant moneymaking methods, but these are very close. If you try your best, you are bound make millions of Runescape gold in a small amount of time! This I can promise.

Remember, all good things require effort. If I were you, I would pick a method that I enjoyed doing. My two favorite are Woodcutting and Fishing. In Fishing, you have a lot of friendly people that you can have a great time with. Woodcutting is not as friendly, but it is still fun. It is always nice to be around people and share the common goal. Then it’s like you’re in the club! Haha.

Easy cash can be gotten if you have about 50,000 gold already. Head over to Falador and buy all the lobsters at the price of 150 GP. Buy as many as you can, then go to the Varrok West Bank and sell these for max price. (You might also want to try the Grand Exchange – GE. I usually have more success in the GE than I do in the banks.) Although I have never tried this method, as it sounds a tad boring, people swear it works. They also say to buy a lot of silk from the silk trader in Al Kharid. Then, take the silk to Varrock and sell it in Varrock. I do not believe this is the key to millions, as they told me it is only about a 150-gp profit in 30 minutes, but again, if you like doing this, go for it.

One of my personal favorites is fishing. I would not recommend cooking your fish, as most of the buyers will buy them raw. I suggest this for Pay to Play as well, because you can fish in Catherby and bank in Catherby. There is no back and fourth from Falador to Karamja. (In addition, it is 30 coins back and fourth for the boat ride! That can be VERY costly!) I spent about a week just fishing. I was determined to get level 50, and sure enough, I did. After I was done, the surplus of fish I had stored up gave quite the profit. Lobsters and Swordfish can be EXCELLENT money makers. If you want to make a bunch of money really fast, fish. This is one of the reasons I do not think that the buy and sell method is good, you only make 150 gp in 30 minutes doing that, but when your fishing you can make about 28,000 in 30 minutes fishing! (Maybe more, according to how fast you catch the fish.)

If you are going to wood cut, the main tree to chop is Yew. Anything before Yew is not a very good money maker; Willows are OK, but nothing big. Anything after Yew is excellent money. Willows as I said are ok, defiantly cut them if you can’t cut yews, but as soon as you can cut yews, do it. There is a GREAT difference in the money. Remember, though, that it is also a great difference in the time spent chopping, especially after the first few levels. Most people wait another 10 levels before they chop yews. It is up to the chopper, I suppose.

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