How to Play Wittily in Madden 17

As we all know, before the start of one Madden 17 game, the coach will develop the tactics of the game, how to attack, defense, and the division of each person, how to do each person, the coach will start before the game plan. But the scene a lot of sudden situation and when the coach is too late to respond, the players should know how to do. So today I will introduce three guides for how to play wittily in Madden 17, we will talk from three aspects: Passing, Pump Fake and Change Play.


Pump Fake
A pump fake is yet another really useful tool in this Madden NFL 17 guide and can really help out a quarterback as it widens the gap between opposing defense and receivers.
If a friendly receiver is too close to an opposing defender, a pump fake can help him by making the defender think that players have launched the ball and they search for it in air while the player easily passes it to the receiver who is now clear.
Combined a with a different pass style, it can help make an amazing play.
Change Play
Instead of simply picking up a play and then immediately call snap a ball, players should take time to anticipate and analyze the field. If something feels wrong or they feel a different play can help them out in a specific situation, they should quickly call an audible to a new play.
If it seems that a run may not work because of opposing defense, it might be a better idea to switch to a pass play. The Audible menu can also allow players to alter the routes taken by team members as well as adjust the linemen.
Using audibles can keep the opponents on their toe and always trying to guess what the player will do next.
Getting familiar with the control scheme of Madden NFL 17 also helps a lot in winning. While most players usually just go for a simple pass whenever they see a friendly team member with a sign over his head, there are a lot of other passing options available as well.
There are multiple ways to throw a ball which facilitate all types of play, throwing a ball high or low instead of a simply bullet pass. A high thrown ball can be extremely useful when a certain team member is cornered by just one other opponent while a low pass can help clear the ball of congested areas.
So Madden player should have their own ideas on the pitch, rather than waiting for the Coach’s guidance, all Madden players need know how to deal with the sudden situation, then  Players on the pitch should have their own ideas, so that they can continue to orderly in accordance with the previous plan to play, so that the probability of winning also larger.
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