Hunt for Red Raktuber

Start off by speaking to Larry in the southwestern part of Ardougne Zoo. He talks about how the penguins are beginning their invasion, and promises he’ll explain everything if you help him. Say yes, and he’ll tell you he’s seen a giant penguin at the coast of Witchaven! You tell Larry you’ll go investigate over at Witchaven, but before you go, you give him a little scratch on the nose.

Go east of Ardougne to reach Witchaven. In the southwestern part you’ll notice a giant footprint. When you get to it, inspect it. Turns out Larry isn’t crazy after all. Now go back to Larry and tell him about the giant footprint.

Once you go to inform Larry of your find, a zookeeper will attempt to put him into a cage. After trying to persuade the zookeeper, you and Larry show him the giant footprint to prove Larry’s sanity. After that, the Zookeeper frees Larry from his straitjacket. Larry then tells you to meet him at the iceberg. To get there take a boat from the docks east of Rellekka. He also says to bring your penguin suit, and if you don’t have it anymore he will give you a book that tells you how to make it.

Once you get to Rellekka head east around Rellekka where the rock crabs are and get on the boat. Another way you can get to the Iceberg is to use the Fairy Ring code “DKS” and walk to the boat. Once you’re at the iceberg, Larry tells you he needs to know how to find the submarine, how to get on the submarine, and how to disable the submarine.



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