Improving your skills in Runescape

I have taken and improved. There are many different ideas on Runescape, some are useful but everyone knows, then there are some less known that are not very useful. I love to listen to people and their ideas. You never know when someone is going to stumble upon something brilliant.

I was told recently to put your skills into two sections. The first group consists of skills that you have to level up on your own; you cannot buy anything to help raise the levels. The second one, you can buy things to help raise the level. Let me begin by making the lists:

Section 1 consists of:

» Slayer
» Strength
» Thieving
» Agility
» Fishing
» Hunter
» Attack
» Mining
» Hitpoints
» Woodcutting
» Defense

Section 2 consists of:

» Smithing
» Runecrafting
» Fletching
» Construction
» Prayer
» Firemaking
» Farming
» Herblore
» Farming
» Ranging
» Crafting
» Magic
» Cooking

It is easier to buy your materials than have to get them yourself. Then you can improve your skills on Runescape a lot faster. Here is how you can tell which group to classify a skill into -

Does it need materials to level up? If the answer is yes, then it goes into section 2. Although the higher level you go the more expensive it gets, if you truly want to get that level, you will pay the price. This can also be good for people who want to make money. Stock up on the items that are needed. Then when people come after them, you can pocket the money.

There are thousands of ideas and thoughts on Runescape. Especially about combat and how to improve your skills. As I said, I love to learn new ways and test them. Usually I will put my own little twist onto it and make it better, but sometimes I will come across a technique that is perfect. If you have your own way of doing things, feel free to share it in the comments below.

Improving your skills in Runescape will help you advance so you can gain levels and enjoy the benefits that accompany being a higher level. Try different things to see how fast you can improve your skills. Who knows, you might have the best way ever of improving skills! Haha! Happy Playing.

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