In the supply areas there are often some players

Saboteurs (known in-game as sabos or sabs) are players who play for the opposing team by using the current team’s resources (such as barricades and explosive potions) to slow their own team and make it easier for the opponent to win.

In the supply areas there are often some players (similar to freeloaders) who hinder their team by setting up many barricades in the entire supply area, mostly in front of the explosive potions, bandages, and barricades.

These saboteurs occasionally proceed to start attacking the barricades with Magic, Ranged, or Melee, claiming that they gain experience. Barricades do not give any melee or ranged experience, and only give the base experience for casting Magic as if no damage has been done. Sabotage tactics are sometimes used by clan members who did not make it in to their clan’s chosen team or are willing to sacrifice potential zeal to help their clan win.

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