Inv window won’t stay resized

Following today’s update, I have tried to resize my inventory window to a 4 column x 7 row inventory layout (the same as the pre-NIS layout).

This makes it narrower than the window that it sits right on top of – the ribbon with hero/gear/adventures/etc, that I have set to 2 rows of 4 columns.

I can resize the inventory window, and save the layout, but when I reload it to check if it works, it flips back to the same width as the ribbon below it (i.e. 5 columns wide).

How do I get it to stay at 4 columns and 7 rows?

I had designed a layout that worked for me, but the 4×7 inventory was one aspect of the old layout that I wanted to keep.

EDIT: in case it’s relevant, immediately to the left of the ribbon & inventory window, running across the bottom of my screen is where I have my abilites window (not the ability bar, the abilities window that shows all my combat abilities – I like to have the quick access to magic spells, teles, etc). It’s possible that is forcing the inventory to snap to it & resizing it in the process.

EDIT2: From comments I’ve seen in other threads, it seems the inventory and skills tab windows are smaller on bigger screens. This may be why I have this Runescape Gold problem. But my monitor is only 24″, which isn’t big for a desktop these days.

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