Level 61 divination glitch

Edit: (Please note, that this is also isn’t PROOF and may not be the root to the Runescape 3 Gold problem, I’m still looking into it and asking people.)

This glitched happened to me and another gentlemen, who was here with me at Mobilizing armies. We found we weren’t getting any enriched memories from the regular springs.

We had the same Divination level 61, where my friend had level 63, and i saw her get plenty of them, where as we did not.

Everything else worked fine, exp, graphics, just we couldn’t get any enriched memories.

But as soon as i leveled up to 62, i got one in less then 30 seconds

Its NOT a dangerous glitch, but it is something we noticed and i thought it was worth putting on forums. thanks for reading this and thank TFR iRipple for his help in this discovery.

Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day.

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