List of runescape 3 interface faults

#1. Yellow arrows to switch to the next section of tabs. (Very annoying to use.)

#2. Not being able to click through chat boxes. (Makes gameplay less user-friendly.)

#3. Private chat not split seperately from other chats. (I play Runescape Gold for the friendship. This just makes it a complete pain to see private messages.)

#4. Grave timer too small. (Not too much of a pain, but it could be bigger.)

#5. The worn equipment tab setup. (What was wrong with the old one? It was easier to see what you were wearing.)

#6. No quest tab. (Why is this not there?)

#7. Why is not everything customizable or deletable? (Icons on mini-map/action bar and other tabs ect…)

#8. Hard to tell when you have recieved messages in other chat tabs. (The small time frame that the chat tabs flash.)

#9. Having to press enter in every chat tab to send a message. (There should be an option to toggle this off completely, regardless if the actionbar is minimized.)

#10. No way to filter prayers/curses and magic spells to which you actuall use.(A nice addition to this would be to be able to assign quick prayers to certain abilitybars.) EXAMPLE: Melee bar + turmoil quick curse, Ranging bar + anguish, Magic bar + torment. This would prevent switching prayers when hybriding (Kalphite King fight.)

#11. Compass difficult to see. (Could be bigger and would help with various things.)

#12. How certain tabs lock and aren’t able to be used, when doing a certain activity.

#13. The small actionbar scroll arrows and small icons on the action bar.

#14. The summoning interface. (The old one way much more user-friendly.)

#15. Probably the most important issue. No OPTION STONES.

I will continue this list as I find more issues.

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