Lords of the wait runescape 3

Something big is approaching Runescape.. something bigger than ever before. Not only is the entire game changing, but everything in it and how it is affected as well. From a whole new interface to new top-notch graphics all the way to an immersive interactive story which the players will be able to decided what happens next. All the information you find below will show you how big this update will really be, and it’s not one you would want to miss.

WHEN: July 22nd 3pm BST
WHERE: West of Lumbridge Castle next to the Mysterious Orb.
WORLD: 100

Friends Chat: ScryingPool

Info Pending – Check back tomorrow*

The following few posts will provide every single detail that we know about Runescape 3 Gold. I will do my best to collect and gather as well as present to you everything. If you feel I’ve missed something or you would like to help, please leave a comment.

Runescape 3!

The Behind the Scenes Videos can be found down below:

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RuneScape 3
RuneScape BTS 51: Runescape 3′s Orchestral Score
RuneScape BTS: RuneScape 3 Interface Alpha Walkthrough
RuneScape 3: Beta Programme Q&A
RuneScape BTS 48: RuneScape 3 Benefits & The Duel Arena
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RuneScape 3: Behind the Scenes – The Bonus Edition!

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