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There’s is no run mode, no resizable screen, limited camera angles. Then you delve a little deeper and realise there used to be far less content as well.Runescape Classic is a version of Runescape Frozen in 2004 and it just shows how much has been added to the game in the intervening seven and a half years.

Of all the hundreds of updates you’ve made to the game since 2001, which have been the most important to you and to the players?Well the upgrade from Runescape Classic to the current game is the biggest update by some way. Which is why it’s the only update where we ever made a cutoff which left an old version behind. A lot of the other big updates for me would be the new skills. Skills like construction and summoning added huge amounts of extra features to the game.

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The most recent update introduced clan citadels and custom player arenas. Read our Runescape Citadel hands on impressions to get a sense of the potential of this ambitious new update. You can sign up to Runescape Classic now on the Runescape Classic page, it will run until September 29. Alternatively, you can sign up to play the very latest version for free in your browser. Check out the screenshots below to see how ten years of development have moved Runescape on.

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