Many seats around runescape

I am sure many people have noticed all of the chairs, benches, and ground around runescape gold. In POH players may sit in the furniture, but not around the rest of runescape, why? As ÔÇťadventures* that run wherever we can, regardless if it would be socially awkward and somewhat alarming for someone to run into a bank, why are players restricted to only sitting and resting at certain places? It just makes sense that players be able to sit in chairs and sit on the ground to rejuvenate running energy and constitution.

We can’t sit down in chairs because we’re too busy running around adventuring! If we’re running low on energy, we don’t even sit down, we just eat some mintcake and forge on relentlessly!

More seriously, chances are we can’t sit down on the said items simply because there has never been a need to code it in. Why sit on chairs in limited places, when we can sit down anywhere. There’s no real way a bench would have any usage so why would Jagex waste time allowing us to do so? It’d be for roleplayers (who can sit in the bar for example) and the occasional video maker. Hardly an update for the masses.

I appreciate it’d be a nice gesture. I’d personally like to see the ability to sit on chairs.

I’m just saying it provides no “real” benefit, and will be considered a waste of development time by many. Even if it worked like resting, no-one will use them unless, by chance, they happen to be running low near a bench/chair.

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