Mu Legend: Rift Adds A Challenge Known As Dark Rift

Mu is one of the most memorable monuments of the whole gaming industry, matter of factly, Mu Legend has become a legendary game, arguably, Mu Legend inherited the best Mu Online gameplay ever, the graphics inherited Mu Online graphics advantages, including map, equipment, characters, skills and so on.


Mu Legend is a highly anticipated MMORPG, the successor of the legendary MMORPG Mu Online, which has enjoyed tremendous success in the market and among its players over the years. How to get more latest news and guides about Mu Legend? Here is latest Mu Legend news & guides page.

The Rift will take you to undefined places in time, space and even dimensions. Whenever you enter, the structure and monsters of the dungeon will be generated procedurally and positioned according to the level of the character. During certain periods, Rift adds a challenge known as Dark Rift. During these periods, the rewards for those who enter are more plentiful.

The game is characterized by a fluid and dynamic content combat system that will suit both the individual player and the team. The game is a hack-and-slash kind of farm, and everything is moving. No matter if it is the mobs or the players. U4GM offers cheap Mu Legend Zen to gamers with big discount, what are you waiting for now?

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