My runescape bug collection

With just under 24hrs left, I though I’d just list all the bugs I found in the NIS beta (build 0.6). I suspect you’ve already found and hopefully fixed most of them but feedback is important, and I want to help out. Here’s the list:

1. Sheathing/unsheathing is broken, neither the * key nor the option on minimize button in action bar work.

2. The entire game area flashes to black for a split second when I turn on quick prayers or equip something/de-equip something. Major glitch.

3. The XP Earned/Time feature is missing from the Assist icon in chat.

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4. Using the Quickchat triggers the keybinds simultaneously.

5. The Gear interface closes when equipping/removing items there. Fix needed! Also equipping/removing items in the worn equipment tab alone returns me to backpack.

6. Teleports don’t work (looks like a major problem with clicking on icons in the spellbook).

7. Action bar items cannot be dragged to trashcan.

8. There are still interfaces with old brown skins, for example: trading interface, price check interface, items kept on death interface, circus highscores, books, select left-click Summoning interface, dungeoneering interfaces, possibly dueling interface, other (?).

Also there’s something wrong with opening the Dev console (in live game as well), the message in chat has weird symbols, but this is less important.

Anyone else experienced any of these? Jmod replies welcome.

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