NBA 2K17: How To Get Harrison Barnes MyTeam Cards And Zach Lavine

Now that regarding NBA 2K17 two locker codes have launched, after about a week, it will be announced on Twitter by DeMar. However, this time, in the form of MyTeam Moments Cards, Zach LaVine and Harrison Barnes will be acquired by players. In addition to this, are you ready for acquire more cheap NBA 2K17 MT?


NBA 2K17 DeMar DeRozan Locker Code

On Nov. 6, the NBA star tweeted his locker code: ABGS7-AMR2A-TCNQJ-5YY4U-4R44S. The process is the same and the card is also a limited free agent. Apart from the locker code, this MyTeam card is also available in regular packs.

These NBA 2K17 locker codes are live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and the last-gen consoles. More of these are expected to come and as tradition dictates, players should watch out for codes to be announced by players on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the NBA 2K17 roster has increased with the latest update, Steve Nash from Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns has arrived in the title, much to the delight of fans. Other superstars are expected to come with speculations ranging from Rasheed Wallace to Reggie Miller. Players are so excited at cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.

NBA 2K17 Zach LaVine, Harrison Barnes Locker Codes

Both NBA players have tweeted their respective NBA 2K17 locker codes on Saturday. Both cards have a score of 82, which is lower than DeRozan’s at 85. To redeem the cards, players should head to Options/Features at the Main Menu then choose Locker Codes, per iDigitalTimes.

The codes will be entered in the next screen. It is important to input the codes as is, with dashes, to complete the process. A confirmation should appear if successful. As for the players’ NBA 2K17 locker codes, it is ZACHL-AR52L-RRCLS-HZUQV for LaVine and FAMNT-G55QE-KZKA3-YRKZW for Barnes.

These cards are limited free agents, so they can only be used for a certain amount in MyTeam games before they expire. After which, players can still get the chance to access these cards in standard packs. Currently, many players are preoccupied with buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4 without any delay. and you?

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