Next chrome update with runescape bate

The next chrome update that’s about to be pushed will stop the HTML5 beta working completely, currently in the beta version of chrome and the canary version the beta doesn’t load and you get the error “Unable to connect to update server”.

When the development team for google chrome was asked about this they gave this response:-

“Recently we fixed a bug of WebSocket subprotocol handling (Blink rev 155603). The game’s script sends Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: jagex but the server doesn’t acknowledge it. Before this fix, Chrome was mistakenly accepting such a response. It doesn’t conform to the WebSocket API spec (http://dev.w3****/html5/websockets/)
> The connection will only be established if the server reports that it has selected one of these subprotocols.

Please fix your server to acknowledge the requested subprotocol by including Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: jagex in its handshake response.”

So basically jagex need to sort a fix out pretty sharpish

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