No one really knows how Hazelmere came to be

Where to start with someone who can rival the Wise Old Man in history and skill? Someone who has created a “strong hold” on life for the gnomes and given them the mystical power of the tree spirits? A great warrior, magician, and possibly one of the greatest heroes since The Fourth Age – he is Hazelmere the Ethereal.

No one really knows how Hazelmere came to be. It would seem he was born sometime between the years of 1750 and 1850 of The Fourth Age. His place of birth remains unknown, although after researching it, I have discovered that due to his skin pigment, he may originate from the Karamja or Brimhaven areas. Runescape 2007 Gold. During his younger years, he had a knack for magic and showed deep affection for Mother Nature and the following of a “balanced world” which lead to him following the Guthixian religion, like most gnomes. Regardless, the fact still remains that if indeed Hazelmere did originate from outside the gnome villages, he eventually did move to the Gnome Stronghold.

Most of Hazelmere’s long life was well-lived inside the Gnome Stronghold. He didn’t come into contact with many gnomes and preferred to stay isolated, leaving him with few contacts. Eventually, his love for nature took its toll, and his mastery of tree whispering earned him the friendship of the silver spirit tree Argento. Argento was Hazelmere’s closest friend and lived towards the southern end of the Stronghold. He spoke to Argento about everything, developing his already mastered skills in tree whispering to a new level. He was arguably the best tree whisperer ever to grace the Gnomon Race.

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