Number pad for abilies

Hello is there any J Mods out there that also key bind the number pad for their abilities?

Help us to make this update happen. ASAP

This game has not the same interface as wow or gw’s as there isn’t a lot of need to have your fingers constantly on the directional keys as your not constantly seeking and destroying over vast area’s.

If you think that binding keys to the W A S D keys is the way of this game then you are wrong in a big way.

At least hold onto some kind of Runescape originality. Or create a Runescape Gold custom keyboard and mouse.

The number pad does not work to activate abilities. Currently you have to use the numbers above the letter keys. This is inconvenient since the number pad is a perfect 3×3 grid and is how I have learned to survive in EOC. If you go to the set up and try to use the numbers on the number pad when choosing which to assign, it says currently unavailable. Is this being worked on? If not, can we please re-allow the number pad to be used for abilities?

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