Online RPG Games Like Runescape

There are many other MMORPG games other than Runescape. Some of the better-known titles include World of Warcraft, Flyff, and 9Dragons. World of Warcraft has a lot better graphics, and still has around the same theme. Flyff as well has way better graphics, and has a lot better theme to it. As you can pick many different lifestyles, such as a mage, warrior, healer, and so forth. 9Dragons plays more of a back in the time of shaolin monks. It is a very fun game to play if you have some patience. The fun and excitement comes from the ability to choose different roles such as a shaolin monk, each role of course has different purposes.

If you want to find these games, Google the letters “mmorpg”. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. Usually they consist of gaining levels and becoming stronger. This is not always the case in every game. Of course, there are an uncountable number of these types of games out there. There are several that are free to play with fewer charging money to pay.

There are two main types of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The Browser, which is like Runescape, these types usually do not have very good graphics. (They are on a web page after all.) Then there are the downloadable ones, like Flyff and 9Dragons. If they are download mmorpgs, then most likely they will have good graphics, unless the creator was just lazy. Good graphics is one feature that many players wish to see so they can enjoy the game better. Poor graphics does not always add to the excitement of the game play.

There are too many mmorpgs out there to play them all, so let’s go back in time to when and how they started. The mmorpgs started a long time ago, and I believe the first big hit was Everquest. The graphics were great, the theme was great, and many people became addicted to the game. When other companies saw this, they decided to release their own, and thus, we now are flooded with a limitless supply of massively multiplayer role-playing games at our disposal. Everquest still has a mmorpg, which you can get if you want to see what it is today.

So now, you know a little more about what’s out there. Runescape is not the only game on the block by far. This is only the tip of the iceberg; there are more games similar to Runescape that will give you hours and hours of exploring. So next time you get bored with runescape blog, why not go out, and see what else is out there? You may just find out that you love more than just one game but of course will Runescape will always be at the top of list for fun and excitement.

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