Path of Exile Vaal Orb Guides

Poe Vaal Orb is like a mysterious young woman with a black veil on her face, a graceful figure on her face, and an irresistible temptation between her hands and feet. God knows that this temptation is the sound of the Kraken or one from the hope of you. I am a bit eager to carry the crushing because it is too exciting.

Vaal Orb Caustic will have the following effects when equipped:

1. add an additional attribute

2. change the color of the hole

3. change the number of holes and link lines

4. equipment upgrades, this situation will not happen on dark gold equipment

5. equipment reduction

6. these properties also apply to skill Poe Orb

For example, Level 3 Enlighten Support is the highest level, but can be upgraded to Level 4 by Vaal Orb;

Can improve or reduce the level and quality of skill stones.

7. These attributes also apply to maps.

For example, the T15 map can be corrupted to a T16 map. The T16 map cannot be upgraded, but it will increase the attribute or become unidentified. Unidentified means that the original attribute is unchanged, but the item is increased by 35%.

From T11 to T16, we all need to use Vaal Orb to corrupt the customs before we can add a thick ink to our map journey.

8. when we put on some specific gloves to hit the fragile curse of the additional level eleven, two, or Vaal on the necklace to add an additional curse cast quantity, you can become tall and handsome, greet Bai Fumei, As a CEO, I am going to the peak of my life!

9. The attribute of Vaal is the suffix attribute. A piece of equipment can only have one suffix attribute, so the suffix attribute of Vaal will cover the enchantment.

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