Please jagex listen to us

Hello, runescape player

I play this game since 2007, and I really enjoyed all the time I spent in this wonderful world… until now. It all started with Runescape EoC. People were already complaining about it during the beta, and nobody liked it. Still, Jagex was acting like it’s good for everyone, and they thought it would improve their game, so they moved it into the live server.

When EoC came in, a lot of people quit, and countless rage threads were made on the forums, so they made 2007 servers.

While I appreciate Jagex giving something good to veterans too, I think there would be even more people playing it if you wouldn’t have to start it again. I think Rs was at it’s pinnacle during 2007-2011, because aside from taking away Wildy, you only gave us new content (quests, minigames, bosses), and you didn’t try to rework the whole game.

Please Jagex, put a poll on the homepage, in which you ask people if they like EoC and Rs 3 Gold or not. You will see people’s opinions, and you will see that the way this game is going is not right. If you focused on adding new content, and not reworking old content (like EoC and Rs3 did), there would be much less quitters. The majority of players is already playing on oldschool servers, however, a pre-EoC one would be even better with things like GE, GWD and Dungeoneering in it. People don’t like updates like Rs3 and EoC, and please wake up, and see this! If you don’t listen to players, your servers will be empty soon!

Yours sincerely, King Bala

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