Resizing runescape messes up layout

Ok so I just found a pretty big issue with the NIS.

I setup my NIS interface to work perfectly on a 1280 x 720 (720p) sized window based on the “Retro” theme, just by moving the buffs all the way left and down a bit so it was right on top of my ability bar while expanded having the 2nd row overlap the ability bar as I don’t think that will ever be needed.

Anyways I noticed that if you resize the window bigger or smaller (mostly taller) that the interface like ability bar seperate from the chat window, and my inventory seperates from the new tabs at the bottom right corner of the screen.

I also noticed on the world event… that the bar there doesn’t even stay aligned to the middle of the screen anymore. And on My Hero and the bank, it’s left to the top left corner of my screen on a full screen window.

Also just noticed my XP counter and buffs section also change too.

Anyways this all seems to break the reason you’d even lock an interface to another one. If my ability bar is attached to my chat, why wouldn’t it always stay there? Also the mimimize button on the ability bar doesn’t even keep it locked to the chat either.

What I’d like to see done is that interface that are locked to other interfaces should stay locked together on a resize, or some kind of options added to edit mode that you can use toggle things like:
1. Lock Left* (* if an interface is attached left of this, lock to that instead)
2. Lock Right*
3. Lock Top*
4. Lock Right*
5. Lock Center (can keep interfaces like the World Event or My Hero/Bank in center of screen)
6. Lock Vertical (can keep interfaces like My Hero/Bank apppear in the middle of screen)

I think if these options are enabled and also applied to the default themes, that this would allow the game to be resized without totally looking bad and messed up.

Also while we’re at it, add to the client the options to “Remember Window Size” and “Remember Window Position”

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