Resolution of runescape

After taking a look at Runescape Youtube videos, I’ve noticed that Jagex claims they want their game to be perfect. well, I’d like to point out a resolution issue, where the games graphics look a bit on the flat side. Where objects and things especially the players look out of proportion in such a way that everything looks to wide and squished. It may be My monitor but after playing on a college computer the graphics on there looked a lot stretched out more then on My laptop.

My current resolution is 1366×768, and I’m matching it with the Runescape Gold option of resolution (the recommended one) still looking off. This doesn’t seem like a bug but a resolution problem with Runescape. Runescape used to work on all computers, but now it seems that its becoming limited. No one really pays much attention to detail, but i’m just throwing this one out there. Because honestly this is a pretty big deal, its the graphics.

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