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The games like RuneScape found here aim to deliver a similar level of polish while offering large amounts of content to free players. The games here also have a focus on online games or games with small client download sizes as this is at the core of RuneScape’s success.


Our collection of games like RuneScape has some great free and online fantasy MMORPG alternatives for fans of the MMO scene.

RuneScape has plenty of features allowing players to chat with others, complete quests, collect resources, runescape gold ,fight other players, train themselves in a variety of skills or take part in the active game economy. Some players choose to devote themselves entirely to PvP while others focus on reaching the maximum level for the various game skills.

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Like most other MMORPGs players can set their own goals and objectives since there is a lack of storyline in the RuneScape universe. Gameplay of RuneScape is a mostly standard MMORPG experience with players exploring the large world of Gielinor, a fantasy world at the medieval stage of development.

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